January 2, 2018
Name: Emma Wilde
Age: 24
Style: strong-coloured, distinct, timeless


We asked the talented photographer and lifestyle blogger Emma Wilde to tell us something about her inspiration, favourite season, her blog, personal style and possible style idols. This is how she answered us:


“Little things inspire me every day: bright red apples at the grocier’s, an unusual colour combination, plants, natural light, a movie. I’ve  just spent three nights watching the Godfather trilogy (once again), they’re beautiful movies in every aspect. 
If I’d have to say one, spring is probably my favourite season, because everything comes to life and there’s a growing amount of light after the long, dark winter. I’m also born in May. But more than loving one particular season, I love that Finland has different seasons and the change of season is always detectable from the nature. Seasons give a rhythm to life like nothing else can. 
My blog is, above all, a place where I share ideas and perspectives to slow, sustainable living. Above all, my goal is to channel a way of life where one is able to find delight in the those smallest of things in life – seemingly small, they often turn out to be the most significant.
I admire brave use of colour and texture. Unexpected colours and colour combinations are something I’m always in search of. I also like to play a little balancing act with every outfit, combining a bright colour with sombre shades, a hard shiny surface with soft, supple ones. I hate rules and ready-made styles, I think we should search ourselves to find things that we find beautiful from one year to the next.
I don’t have a particular style idol, but certainly source inspiration from anyone who stands out from the crowd. My favourite clothing brands are Marni, Arela, Samuji and Marimekko. Half of my wardrobe is retro and vintage, because the quality is incredible, prices are more affordable and items more individualistic.”


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