January 9, 2018

Name: Jessica

Age: 29

Blog: Teljänneito blog

Style: classic & feminine

There’s nothing incomplete or slapdash in Teljänneito blog. Jessica is good at prioritizing and that’s why the quality of her blog is high class although she just became a mother. She thinks it’s actually a good thing that she’s not using that much time in social media anymore. Her baby teached her some valuable lessons about being effective.


Jessica loves to wear matching clothes with her baby. She loves neutral colours and classic style, so she also buys to her little loved one those kids of clothes and accessories. They have the same model of Timberland shoes and big beanies with pompoms. Jessica thinks it’s easy to find quality clothes for kids from both new and 2ndhand shops.
Jessica’s number one style idol is the Duchess of Cambridge. Catherine’s classic style looks and feels good. Jessica’s fashion quideline is to keep in mind that the most important thing is to choose clothes that one can feel good into. That’s why in Teljänneito blog you can see a lot of dresses that fit perfectly.


Style can be easy and effortless but still look look. Jessica usually chooses the flea market on Hietalahti market square, if she wants to get rid of the clothes and shoes that won’t fit her anymore. If she is 2ndhand shopping, she’s looking something for her baby from Facebook groups. She’s also a big fan of Zadaa’s like and follow buttons.


LIGHT / dark
shoes / BAGS
BEING IN LOVE / falling in love
casual / PARTY
fashion / STYLE


You can find Teljänneito Jessica’s boutique in Discover. And remember – you can now pay with Apple Pay!