Exclusive interview with Instagrammer & YouTuber Laila Hasanovic!

January 8, 2018

In Zadaa Magazine we bring you all the hottest trends, stories and interviews from the fashion world on a weekly basis. Each week we have two interviews with some of Denmark’s biggest fashion and lifestyle influencers that appear in Zadaa Discover. Explore this edition, where we have met the young Instagrammer and YouTuber, Laila Hasanovic for a little talk about Instagram and fashion:


Tell us a little about yourself, and what made you start a YouTube channel?


My name is Laila Hasanovic, and I am an influencer and first-year student at Frederikssund Gymnasium, where I major in Social Science & English. As a person, I’d describe myself as very open and always interested in meeting new people.

I started my YouTube channel about 3 weeks ago. Mainly, because I have a lot on my mind and in my heart, that I feel many other young people can relate to. I think YouTube is a great way to share your feelings, thoughts, and give inspiration to others. I feel it’s much better than posting the “perfect” image on Instagram, which isn’t always very expressive. On YouTube, you can open up and share much more of yourself on a different level.

How would you describe a typical day in your life?


I always set my alarm to ring at 6:00, so I’ll have plenty of time to get ready in the morning, but somehow, I always end up snoozing it several times and getting up at 6:30 instead. I usually have to catch my bus at 7:30, because my first class starts at 8:10. After 4 long classes I’m usually off at 15:25. After that I tend to go workout with my friends for a couple of hours, and then head back home for dinner. There is nothing better than coming home and smelling delicious food after a workout. After dinner, I study for a bit and then check out what’s happening on social media.

What is a surprising part of your job, that you think others do not know about?


I would probably think that many don’t understand how long it takes to actually take the perfect picture for Instagram or to film a YouTube video. It takes a lot more time and energy than most can imagine. It’s about choosing the best image out of 50-100, you’ve taken, and then editing it to fit your Instagram feed perfectly. I’m very picky about what I post. I have to be a 100% satisfied with the picture, before posting it. I don’t like posting, just to post. It’s also hard for me to be active when I’m busy with school, work and family, so it can all be a challenge at times.

Where do you get your greatest fashion inspiration from (fashion magazines, social media, street scene) and why there?


I get all my fashion inspiration from Instagram. I follow so many girls I get inspired by and see hundreds of images on my feed every day and it’s no secret that I spend a lot of my time on Instagram.


How long do you usually spend on an outfit in the morning?

Ah! it is very different. If I just bought a pair of new jeans or a nice sweater the day before, then I have no doubt about what to wear. But it usually takes me about 10 minutes to find the right outfit. If I’m really on time pressure, I’ll always jump in a pair of black pants, a hoodie and sneakers. It’s just a nice and comfortable outfit to wear from everyday purpose. If I’m really in a clothing crisis, I’ll either go on Instagram or Pinterest to find inspiration for an outfit, and of course then the whole process takes a little longer.


What are your best tips for putting together the perfect winter outfit?


It’s important for me that I feel comfortable in the clothes I wear, and often I find myself feeling exactly that in the wintertime, as I always have on an oversized sweater paired with a warm coat. If I don’t feel comfortable in an outfit, I just feel like my entire day has been ruined and I think that is something many women can relate to. It’s important that you don’t buy an item just because you think it looks good, but that you also feel comfortable in it.


Are there any current trends you love? And maybe some you hate?

I have been completely in love with flared trousers, glitter socks and black blazers.

Flared jeans aren’t only comfortable to wear, but it makes your legs look longer and that’s just amazing!


Instead of going with a pair of boring black socks, Why not try to spice it up a bit. You can always pep up your outfit a little more with a pair of colorful glitter socks. In addition, they’re always very cheap and everyone can rock them without looking stupid.


I’ve always been crazy about black blazers. I think it looks so classy and stylish. You can both wear them for ‘everyday’ outfits on top of a white T-shirt or paired with a super nice dress for bigger events.

There aren’t really any trends I hate. Of course, there are some items that you like better in than others, but if you just style it properly, I’m sure it will look great.

Laila Hasanovic is now live in Discover!