Mommy Influencer of the week – Jill Mee

December 3, 2017

In Zadaa Magazine we bring all the hottest trends, stories and interviews from the fashion world. Each week we have interviews with some of Denmark’s biggest fashion and lifestyle influencers that are guest appearing in our Zadaa Discover Feed. Explore this edition, where we have met the accomplished Instagrammer, blogger and photographer, Jill Mee, for a little talk about Instagram and childrens fashion.

Name: Jill Mee


Tell us a little about yourself and what made you start a blog and Instagram?

My name is Jill, and I am 37 years old. I am married to Peter and the mother of three beautiful children. When I started out my Instagram account I was mostly taking with of my home and kids. Focusing mainly the channel on children’s lifestyle and interior design, and not so long after the profile became to grow and became very popular. I love to style and decorate, and I am a very big fan of Danish brands, both interior and clothes.

How does a typical day look like for you?

Waking up and getting ready with three children every morning, can only be described as chaos, chaos and more chaos. When all the children have been dropped off at school, I usually go home and clean up and start the day by checking mails, looking into and trying out new styles, taking pictures for my Instagram, and some days even partaking in interesting events.

What is a surprising part of your job as an influencer, which you think others do not know about?

That this is my full-time job, and that you can making a living off “taking pictures”. It is much more than that, and a lot of work goes behind every shoot, every style and every blog post.

Where do you get the greatest fashion inspiration for children’s fashion (fashion magazines, social media, street scene) and why right there?

I find most of my inspiration for the different seasons and matching possibilities on Instagram and Pinterest. There are a lot of ideas to be drawn from those two channels in terms of children clothes.

How long do you usually spend the children’s outfits in the morning?

Given that the mornings are so chaotic, I have to manage my time in the best way possible, so usually it takes more or less than 5 minutes.

What are your best tips for putting together a perfect winter clothes for children?

I’d probably recommend to keep it practical, neat and use neutral colors that you can mix / match easily.

Are there any trends you currently love? And some you hate?

To be honest, I am not very fond of bright colors, but I really love autumn colors, retro, knitwear and fur.