December 12, 2017

Name: Iines Aaltonen

Age: 30

Style: relaxed, timeless, laid-back

Iines Aaltonen likes to combine something new, old, exclusive and casual. She likes laid-back style, sneakers and college shirts. Her newest point on interest is vintage and her mother’s old clothes. In few last years Iines have been buying more and more reloved fashion and quality clothes that stay in good condition year after year.

When younger Iines used to shop more in big stores and buy whatever she felt like graving at the moment. She used the clothes once or twice. Nowadays those kinds of shoppings are history. Her style is more timeless. Iines likes Isabel Marant, Acne, Rebecca Minkoff and Balenciaga, but she also loves Marimekko. Her plan for surviving winter in Finland is to layer warm clothes, use natural fabrics in accessories and have a warm coat.

Iines has a son and he already has a style of his own. That little guy matches more with his father than his mother. Iines picks his clothes, but doesn’t use time planning the outfits. She just wants her son to be comfortable, but she admits, she likes to pick clothes that go well together. She would never buy anything synthetic and uncomfortable to her kid just because those clothes look nice. Iines puts the most effort in shoes, wool layers and outer wear.


When it comes to shopping for the little boy Iines is not after brands, but quality pieces. She wants natural materials, good quality and comfortable cuts. She is fighting against pointless spending, because kids clothes are worn only for months. That’s why Iines buy most of the clothes used from her friends. She also sells too small kids clothes and that’s why she’s in Discover this week!


cold / HOT
SUMMER / vinter
party / CASUAL
BEANIE / hat