Influencer of the week – Alberte Lund

November 30, 2017

In Zadaa Magazine we bring all the hottest trends, stories and interviews from the fashion world. Each week we have interviews with some of Denmark’s biggest fashion and lifestyle influencers that are guest appearing in our Zadaa Discover Feed. Explore this edition, where we have met the accomplished Instagrammer and TV celebrity, Alberte Lund, for a little talk about Instagram and fashion.

Name: Alberte Lund

Instagram: @albertelund_

Tell us a little about yourself and what made you become an influencer?

My name is Alberte, and I’m 17 years old. I’m currently completing my 2nd year at Køge Handelsskole. In my spare time, I don’t really do anything special besides watching a lot of Netflix, and of course being active on my social media accounts. I chose to start on YouTube channel back in April 2013, so I’ve been going at it for quite some years now. As I remember, I started this journey because I was very inspired by other YouTubers. Over time, I’ve also started using my Instagram a lot. Both because it can be fast and fun to create a create picture, but also because I think it’s fun to edit the pictures.

How does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me is actually a bit boring, haha. The excitement level of the really depends on what I’m doing at the given time – Youtube, Instagram, etc. In my everyday lives, my mornings are always a bit hectic. I always wake up a bit later than what I should. However, I almost always put an outfit together the evening before, so it saves me a lot of time. The rest of the morning I just me rushing through different tasks. Most often I am in school from 8.20 – 15.30. When I get home from school, I do various things depending on the day. However, I often take a lot of pictures for my Instagram profile before changing into more comfortable clothes. Sometimes I film a YouTube video and other times, I just lie in my bed and relax. Typically, I’m record and upload my videos on weekends as I’m very tired after school on weekdays.

What is a surprising part of your job, you think others do not know about?

I think, by now, there are many who have found that it actually takes a lot longer than you ever expect it to. Sometimes there is a lot of work that goes behind making the various videos on YouTube and campaigns on Instagram.

Where do you get your greatest fashion inspiration from (fashion magazines, social media, street scene) and why there?

I would say that I get the most fashion inspiration from Instagram, various fashion bloggers and just people on the street. But especially Instagram! I think it’s incredibly easy to scroll through Instagram and just find a lot of different outfits, which I can get a lot of inspiration from. I almost always save the pictures with bold outfits in a folder on my Instagram, so I can go back and look it through another day.

How long do you usually spend on planning an outfit for the day?

Most often I find my outfit the night before, since I really do not have much time in the morning. If there are some new clothes I have to try to put together, it always takes a little longer, because I have to try the whole outfit. So, I might spend 20-30 minutes on it in total. If it is an outfit I’ve already worn before, it may take just 10 minutes. So, it is very different.

What are your best tips for putting together a perfect winter outfit?

I think outfits are a bit hard in winter when it’s very coldest, because you have to wear so much clothes. But something I still make a lot of use of is “layer-on-layer”. Otherwise I would probably use a hot, big & warm jacket. A bold jacket or a hat can also always spruce up a boring winter outfit.

Are there any trends you currently love? And some you hate?

Hmmm… I don’t really know if it’s a trend, but I’m crazy about a tall black vest I have. I always pair it with for example a t-shirt or a hoodie – depending on the weather. I also have a pair of black pants with width, which I’m very fond of. Last fall / winter, big jackets became very popular. I got a really gorgeous one from Wood Wood, which I still love to wear! Especially on the extra cold days.

Of course, there are always some trends you just have to get used to, but I can’t think of one I hate at the moment.