June 29, 2018

Love is in the air! At least when it comes to Camilla Czakan and her romantic style. We wanted to know all about ruffles, floral patterns and fun dresses, so here we are sharing Camilla’s best clothing, jewelry and make up tips to you. Take notes and shop her fashion in Zadaa app today. You can buy everything you see in this article!

What are the wardrobe essentials when creating a romantic style?

Dresses and skirts, feminine blazers and of course classic silk blouses. The most important things is to find quality clothes that fit.

With what clothes can you create contrasts?

A ruff, leather biker jacket always looks good with a dress or a skirt. That combination is timeless and works every time. When you want to dress down your romantic style and make it more casual, it’s a good idea to wear neat sneakers instead of ballerinas or high heels.

What kind of colour palette would suit romantic style?

When the basic colour palette is neutral and including colours like beige, white and grey, it’s easier to combine clothes with each other. Bolder colours, like bright red, can be used in accessory and make up. Any shade of red (burgundy, peach, magenta etc.) fits the romantic colour palette, that’s a good rule to remember.


How to complete romantic style?

Putting on some jewelry is the easiest way to complete your outfit. A pretty pair of earrings can make your look more interesting in a second. At the moment any kids of fringe earrings are super trendy and playful. When doing your make up try to add some pink and peachy shades, those are perfect for the romantic style.

What are the most romantic brands?

For example Rue de Femme from Denmark makes very beautiful clothes. When shopping it’s good to focus on your colour palette and choose beautifully fitting materials.

Who to follow for outfit inspiration?

Romantic and classy Olivia Palermo puts together some fabulous outfits. She is a real talent when it comes to combining clothes and accessories. She is always trendy, but still somehow timeless.


KUVAT: Juuli Rönkä

UNCLOTHED: Ilirida Krasniqi’s wardrobe

June 27, 2018

Ilirida Krasniqi is the epitome of a young, successful and hardworking woman. A dentist student and Zumba instructor by day and fashion influencer by night, this young woman spends most of her time working hard. She looks, travels and dresses just like a supermodel, and on her popular blog and Instagram profile you can catch her super cool fashion, while also following her on her trips around the world.

Ilirida’s style can only be described as a cool minimalist approach to luxury fashion, but with a twist of streetwear vibe. A style that has earned her a huge following not only in Denmark, but also a growing fan base internationally. We wanted to get to know Ilirida better, so we sat down to interview her about blogging, style and much more.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

My name is Ilirida, which is originally a Kosovo-Albanian name. However, I was born and raised in Denmark. I live in Copenhagen where I study and work.

Could you describe your own fashion style briefly?

My style is very classic and feminine.

Why did you decide to start blogging?

I loved taking pictures back in high school and as social media grew bigger, it was just an obvious step to take. Starting a blog meant I could share my photos and my style with others.

How would you describe your blog in a few words?

A very classic inspired blog.

As a blogger and fashion-knower, what do you think makes Danes so fashionable?

I wouldn’t say my own style is not very Danish, but I certainly think that the minimal Danish style makes a big impression internationally.

What are your favorite trends that are emerging right now?

I love statement earrings and a nice pair of strapless heels.

Do you have any favorite fashion bloggers, and if so why them?

I’m inspired by a lot of people. Looks wise I’ve always been inspired by Negin Mirsalehi. Style wise, there is not one specific, but MANY that inspires me.

Lastly, you are very known for your amazing style, and we’d love to hear your tips for putting together an amazing outfit?

The most important thing is to wear something that you feel comfortable in and then that just looks good. Personally, I think jewellery can do so much for an outfit. The small details really make an outfit interesting. Colored nails and lips, a pair of statement earrings and sunglasses can really get an outfit spiced up.

Photos taken by Sienna Rousseau


June 19, 2018

Janina Havia is a blogger (elahblog) who knows how to be chic in the city. Her girly but comfortable style is very easy to relate to. The reason why we at the Zadaa office are following this woman is quite easy to figure out. Janina knows exactly how to make an everyday outfit look exclusive and chic. That’s why we want to learn everything from her!

Janina’s style tip for summer 2018?

Fluttering floral skirts are ‘the thing’ this summer. Wear it with a light top at days and with a warm knit at nights. For example this colour in Janina’s own skirt is very trendy this summer.

How to stay stylish when it’s super hot outside?

A lightweight summer dress and a bottle of water are must-haves when it’s really hot outside! By drinking water it’s easier to stay and feel fresh. Add a hat to cover your head and to look even more chic.

Want to hear a story about Janina’s floral blouse?

When Janina was living in two different countries she spent a lot time in airports. She remembers that multiple times she was wearing this distinct floral blouse. Now it’s time to find a new home for it.

If Janina was a piece of clothing…

… she would be a pure white summer dress without a doubt. It’s the one piece of clothing she feels the most beautiful in, she tells.

Janina’s festival style 2018?

City festivals like DBTL in Turku are Janina’s thing! This summer her festival outfit will be all about stylish summer dresses and white leather sneakers by Adidas.

Janina Havia’s boutique is now live in Discover!


June 15, 2018

When it comes to those timeless wardrobes Carita Alfthan sure knows how to build one. In her blog Char and the City she helps her followers to find the best places to shop. She is sharing her style tips, classic outfits and also a lot of inspiring interior content to her audience and that’s why we picked her as our business style ambassador for this interview. So sit back and get ready to build your perfect wardrobe with Carita Alfthan.

What are the main elements of the perfect business wardrobe?

Business style is not just stiff pantsuits, but a smart lifestyle with a timeless wardrobe. With a capsule wardrobe full of timeless classics it’s easy to go from work to a fancy dinner. Just a quick accessory update and you’re ready to go. Business style means that your wardrobe is contiguous and functional. What ever you choose to wear from it, you’ll always be stylish.

Which are the best designer brands when shopping classic items? What about cheaper brands?

Classic scandinavian brands like By Malene Birger, Tiger of Sweden and Filippa K sell timeless pieces with great quality. Boss is another brand to keep an eye on. When it comes to feminine party dresses By Malina and Maje are good to know. With smaller budget Zara and Other Stories are great places to find some real treasures.

What is the perfect colour palette for a business style?

Let’s start with black and white. Bring those basic colour alive with a hint of classic red, beige or grey. Accessories are a good way to add some colour when your outfit is all about basics. In the perfect capsule wardrobe shoes, handbags and scarfs can change the look in a second. The fastest way to change your office look for the night is to get your heels on, change the bag to a smaller one and your scarf to a silk version. Voilà!

What could be a good motto for someone who loves to wear timeless outfits?

“Less is more.” As boring as it may sound, just think about how fabulous a pair of perfectly fitting jeans and a white t-shirt can look together!

What kind of jewelry fits business style?

Classics love classics! Carita’s secret (well, not that secret anymore) combination on her wrist is Hermés Clic H bracelet, white gold diamond ring ja Tiffany’s Twist Knot necklace. Pearl earrings and vintage jewelry make your style finished. Holiday trips are good times to buy jewelry, if the goal is to find something a bit different.

How often should people update their wardrobe so they wouldn’t get bored?

Instead of updating your wardrobe, focus on building it. One great goal is to know your style so completely that you don’t have to buy new things all the time. Build a good base first. After that it can be spiced up with trendy, affordable accessories. If the little black dress is still missing or you just can’t find the perfect trench coat, start with hunting them. After that it’s time to get the details right.

How many pairs of shoes is a good minimum to have?

Five pairs should be enough. Invest in pair of comfortable ballerinas, heels, sandals, rubber boots and sneakers. The quality and materials of your everyday shoes are important. If Louboutin doesn’t fit, try Pura Lopez. Find the perfect fit for your feet!

Who is your style idol?

Carita follows icons like Jackie O. Also Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and princess Victoria in Sweden have great sense of style. The list of business style icons wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Olivia Palermo.


KUVAT: Juuli Rönkä

UNCLOTHED: Amalie Fischer’s Wardrobe

June 13, 2018

Amalie Fischer is a danish fashion blogger. Amalie is known for her amazing and colorful style. We visited Amalie’s apartment in central Copenhagen, and got to talk all things fashion and even caught a glimpse of her gorgeous wardrobe.


Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

I’m Amalie, a 23-year-old Copenhagener, born and raised. I write about fashion, traveling and life on my blog and Instagram @amaliefischer.

Could you describe your own fashion style briefly?

I’m very colorful. I love wearing prints and interesting materials. I really like keeping up with new trends as often as I can.

Why did you decide to start blogging?

I was interested in sharing my inspirations and at the same time get inspired myself. I then discovered it could also become a platform for me to connect and network.

How would you describe your blog in a few words?


As a blogger and fashion-knower, what do you think makes Denmark so fashionable?

We’re a very simple people, we love practical and comfort, but we’re at the same time also bold in our choices.

What are your favorite trends that are emerging now in Denmark?

Color and print mixing, people finally seem to adopt it, especially with all the sunny weather we’ve been having recently.

Do you have any favorite fashion bloggers, and if so why them?

I love @_tinamaria! She is so great and stylish. And her outfit photos are on point.

Lastly, you are very known for you amazing style, and we’d love to hear your tips for putting together an amazing outfit?

Just wear what you’re comfortable wearing. That’s the most important thing when picking an outfit. It shows in the way you present yourself.

You can find Amalie Fischer’s boutique now LIVE in Discover!

Photos taken by Sienna Rousseau

UNCLOTHED: Ilta’s wardrobe

June 12, 2018

Want to know how to get chills like never before? Go to Cheek’s show and listen how Ilta sounds like when she feats in the song Sillat while playing piano at the same time. The live version will blow your mind – but so will her style! This girl’s playful style goes hand in hand with her wide smile and sparkling personality.

Ilta’s wardrobe essentials

Some people might think that wardrobe essentials can only be things like a white blouse and black pants. Well, they haven’t meet Ilta. Her everyday style is all about relaxed, ripped jeans and oversized hoodie. That’s a good base for any outfit.

Ilta’s craziest piece of clothing

The one coat she will never get rid of is the one she has got from her relative. Nobody can tell is it super cool or just horrible, but the coat with wild colours stays in the closet.


Ilta’s famous college outfit

As we told this sparkly singer is feating in Cheek’s Alpha Omega tour and this floral outfit has been traveling with her. She has also been wearing it in Berlin and in a summer cottage. When she was wearing this fo the first time, her friend told her this outfit looked like a curtain, but she still wore it with love. Now it’s time to find a new home for this floral explosion.

Ilta’s power colour

At the moment yellow colour is the one this girl feels the most connected with. Yellow is the colour of energy, so this totally makes sense. Ilta believes we all have that one colour we feel confident in, but it varies during seasons.

Ilta’s style tips

Put those bright colour together! For example pink and yellow or green and yellow work nicely together. Leggings in different materials and colours can be combined with almost any outfit. If you happen to love relaxed, ripped jeans, try to wear them with a long t-shirt or a hoodie. Choose you shoes wisely, if you have to catch the train. It’s about getting comfortable before anything else.

Ilta’s favourite shops

She admires the style of Meri Milash (@merimilash) and loves the brand Adidas. When it’s time to go shopping, she visits Monki and Zara. Besides those she likes Junkyard and flea markets. Her secret tactique to find something nice for herseld is to pick something amazing from her friend’s closet and rationalize why she should have it (or actually buy it, to be fair). We like that style! 😀


KUVAT: Juuli Rönkä

UNCLOTHED: Sophie Bennekou’s Wardrobe

June 5, 2018

Sophie Bennekou is a fashion influencer and Instagrammer from Denmark. Sophie recently discovered Zadaa for selling and buying, and this week her fashion is featuring in Discover. However, with large social media following and a gorgeous wardrobe, we just couldn’t wait to get to get a glimpse inside the life of Sophie. From favourite designer to guilty pleasures, we’ve asked Sophie everything about fashion, beauty, life, travel and much more.

The first thing I do in the morning is?

Check Instagram! It’s ridiculous haha, but it’s honestly the first thing I do!

I would never leave home without?

My phone. Again, ridiculous! If I have to come up with a slightly more ‘adult’ answer, it may be my keys, haha.

My ‘go to’ outfit is?

In the summer, it’s a nice and breezy dress. In winter it’s a cozy knit!

I would spend a lot of money on?

I am a sucker for everything from Balenciaga!

If I were to describe my personal style in one word, it would be?

Rawsual (A new word I just invented so I could get raw and casual into one word), HAHA!

The best thing about preloved shopping is?

All the good shopping scoops you can find! Learning to be patient and waiting for the right deal.

My favorite brands and designers are?

I’d say:

1.) Coco Chanel

2.) Alexander Wang

3.) Yves Saint Laurent

4.) Riccardo Ticsi

5.) Yohji Yamamoto

6.) Demna Gvasalia

7.) Marc Jacobs

There are definitely many more, but this is the short answer.

When it comes to being an influencer, what people don’t understand is?

It’s actually super hard! You spend a lot of time creating interesting content, constantly thinking innovatively and creatively, and people often have certain expectations of you. Also on your bad days!

My guilty pleasure is?

Ben & Jerry’s. Because I am lactose intolerant.

My favorite influencers are?

There are a couple. Instagrammer JosefineHJ, because I honestly think she has the best content on Instagram! The Youtuber Jeffree Star because he is a ridiculously  skilled makeup artist. I do not read that many blogs! I like when a blogger shares her life and is honest in her content. Unfortunately, there are very few of those. But Amalie Brohus, who writes a lot about her everyday life and her battle with anxiety and Lærke Sejer, who has just become mother and writes about ups & downs in the most honest way, I’d say they are good suggestions for bloggers.

The coolest person I have ever met was?

My boyfriend, Joakim. After almost 2 years, he still knows how to surprise me every single day!

A person I would like to meet is?

Coco Chanel is one! Because she was so cool and strong! She had a mission and vision, which she set out to execute, without worrying about all the bumps and bruises she’d get along the way! Justin Trudeau, Canada’s current prime minister, is also a good pick! He should be a safe pick for everyone! Mostly, because Justin Trudeau has the most wonderful view of humanity and the greatest openness and acceptance of all people! And I have such a deep respect for him! I think we all could learn something from him!

Something people may not know about me?

I’m crazy about snowboarding and roller skating!

The last thing I googled was?

Yanni vs Laurel… I’m team Yanni, haha!

The hardest thing about being an influencer is?

To continuously think innovatively and set higher goals!

The best thing about being an influencer is?

When you reach the all goals you’ve set, and all the people you get to meet on your way!

I keep fit by?

Walk up and down to me and my boyfriend’s apartment on the 5th floor, several times a day. And carrying shopping bags, haha

My beauty routine includes?

My beauty routine (which does not contain makeup) is like this – I always start with my cleansing series from ‘Faaborg Pharma’ in the morning. Once I’m done with that, I use ‘No 4 Hydration Serum’, from ‘Verso’! I mix in my serum, and put some drops of ‘Huile Prodigieuse Or’ from ‘Nuxe’ that gives the most beautiful glow on the skin! After that I use my eye cream ‘Hydra Beauty – Gel Yeux’ from ‘Chanel’. Then I use my ‘Silver Rich Face Mist’ from ‘AMLY’, after that my day cream from’ Faaborg Pharma ‘and, lastly, before makeup, I use’ Hydrating Face cream ‘as a primer, from’ Bobbi Brown ‘. Lastly, I moisturize my body with  ‘Jump Into the Sea – body cream’ from ‘Rituals’.

Before I go to bed, I use my cleansing series from ‘Faaborg Pharma’ again, then my ‘Deep Hydration Treatment’ from ‘Exuviance’, then my eye cream and lastly, my night cream from ‘Faaborg Pharma’! I usually put a few drops of ‘rosehip – BioRegenerate Oil’, from ‘pie’ into my night cream! Do not know if I do it in the correct order. But it works for me!

My favorite place to travel is?

It may be Paris. But if it were somewhere I’ve never been, then it’s definitely Galapagos Islands!

One thing I’ve never done but would love to do?

Go on a trip to outer space.

The best life advice I have ever received was?

I’ve never actually gotten one! I feel like these kinds of advices were given back in the days, when they had more time to contemplate life and pass on their advice and experience to others! Today everyone is so busy with their own lives, unfortunately!


UNCLOTHED: Pihlaja’s wardrobe

May 29, 2018

Have you heard the song Kevät this spring? And we mean the new kick-ass version! The classic song has been brought back to live by Adi L Hasla and of course Pihlaja, who is a singer/songwriter from Tampere, Finland. We fell in love with her feminine tomboy style, and while we shooted her fashion to be sold in Zadaa, we asked a few questions about her summer style 2018. Enjoy!

Pihlaja’s style tips for summer 2018

This young woman is not a fashion victim. Instead she wears what feels right at that time. Her favourite things at the moment are 90’s sunglasses and she loves mixing multiple prints together. And the one thing that Pihlaja thinks is always in fashion? CONFIDENCE, of course.

If Pihlaja was a piece of garment…

… she would be something stretchy, relaxed, chic and sporty. Something that one can wear while bouncing around. A pair of Adidas leggings would be a perfect choice.

Pihlaja’s pink skirt

The pink skirt from Missguided is a very special one. Pihlaja was wearing it while performing in Hartwall Arena for the very first time in Tubecon. There were over 10.000 people in the audience, so you might say this skirt had it’s 15 minutes of fame. This woman is a real talent, so she will have so much more than just 15 minutes!

Pihlaja’s festival style this summer

Military boots are close to Pihlaja’s heart. She loves to wear them with shorts or short skirts to have a little contrast. And that is in the end what her style is all about!


KUVAT: Juuli Rönkä

6 tips to teach you how to take better pictures

May 24, 2018

The easiest way to take a picture of an item you want to sell is just to make sure the item is in focus and take the photo. It’s simple, we know. If you still want to know how to  take better pictures, keep reading.

What if we told you that with our easy tips your photos would help you to sell even better and make your item look more appealing to potential buyers? Take the hint and read our tips on your way to become our super seller!

how to take better pictures

6 tips how to take better pictures:

  1. When taking photos of small accessories, also take it’s package into the picture. So if you have the case for your sunglasses or dustbag for your shoes, don’t just write it into the description field – show it to people!
  2. It would be easy to take a ring, a bracelet or other small things and snap a photo while you are holding the item between your fingers. Don’t do it! Fingers don’t usually look good in pictures, so we recommend to avoid those and photo your small items on table, on top of the box of that item or even on your floor (if it looks good).

3. The background is good to be light, but it doesn’t have to be blank. If your home looks good, go ahead and snap your photos on your bedroom, livingroom or even in your kitchen.

4. Some clothes are impossible to hang, but whenever you can do it, use the hanger. It makes the clothing look more valuable and it’s easier to see it’s dimensions. Remember that you can hang necklaces and scarves too.


5. Our best tip is to wear the item. Anytime you can, just wear it. If the size or model of the clothing doesn’t look good on you, make your friend wear it instead.

6. Be a neutral model. Sometimes people want to imagine themselves wearing the item, so take the picture without your head showing in it.

Now you know how to  take better pictures! So, what are you waiting for?

Psst! Looking for more interesting articles? Read about what three things you should buy pre-loved!

UNCLOTHED: Pinja Kuivalainen’s wardrobe

May 22, 2018

Pinja Kuivalainen got just back to Finland from Glasgow and is amazed by the warm weather and beautiful cherry trees in Roihuvuori. Her blog, Pinja K, is full of happy spirit and outfit pictures with polka dot dresses and other girly clothes. Pinja’s style is fun and it seems that she is always on a good mood. But let’s focus on her style now!

Pinja’s style tips form summer 2018

The best style tip ever is to wear something that feels good, Pinja tells. “I’m nicer when I like my outfit” is a quote that she really likes and what she believes in. Confidence is something that makes ones outfit look better instantly. Besides that Pinja loves woven bags that are everywhere this summer in different kinds of forms.

Pinja’s hoodie hunt

In Pinja’s Zadaa boutique you can find an Abercrombie & Fitchin hoodie with a story to tell. Pinja bought that hoodie from London when she was on a language learning trip with her friend. They were already late, but they just had to visit the iconic store. It was a quick visit, but totally worth it.

When they were running from the store to their meeting point they felt like winners. And what else can you feel like when you are carrying a bag with a picture of a shirtless man on it and everyone is looking at you?

About Pinja’s blazer love

If Pinja was a piece of garment she would be a blazer. Pinja wears blazer every week. At the moment her favourite one is a checkered one. In her Zadaa boutique Pinja is actually selling one blazer, but just because she wears her other blazers more than that. Maybe you could give a home for that extra one?


KUVAT: Juuli Rönkä