February 14, 2018


Berlin, Germany


Zadaa is a modern technology company and one of the fastest growing European startups. Zadaa’s vision is to connect every wardrobe in the world within the next five years.

Zadaa is a fashion marketplace that helps you to sell and buy clothes that fit by connecting people with a similar size and style. This way every user can find much easier clothes to buy that fits them perfectly, and sell their own clothes to people alike faster than ever before.

The brilliance of the company lies in Zadaa’s superior logistics technology. Physical location of the sellers and buyers doesn’t matter anymore – everyone in Zadaa are connected to each other, even cross-border. The Zadaa Package enables the cheapest and easiest consumer package to deliver items directly from people to people. These pre-paid packages are sent for free with a single code, and everything is integrated in the app.

The company was launched in Finland in 2016 and operates now in Finland, Denmark and Sweden. We have grown our network to over 150 000 Zadaa users collaborating with hundreds of clothing brands, local designers, fashion and lifestyle influencers. There are currently over 500 000 unique pieces of clothes for sale in the app.

Since the launch we have raised 1,2M euro in funding and are currently closing an additional 3M euro A round. We are backed by the most well-known Finnish and Swedish investors and VC’s such as Superhero Capital, Leena Niemistö (FIN) and Moaffak Ahmed (FIN), Paul Källenius (SWE). We have been rewarded with multiple awards, Forbes nominated our CEO Iiro Kormi on the list of 30-under-30 in retail and e-commerce and we have featured by Apple in their webpage and App Store.


We are now expanding to Germany, France, England and Benelux – and we need your expertise. If you are passionate about fashion, apps, digital business, modern technology, startups and making impact on how people consume fashion in future, Zadaa is the place for you. The role you are looking at is to take the responsibility of the new market.

We will establish our side office to Berlin which will become our bumping heart of the growth in Europe. There will be new people joining in for every country we enter. As a member of our growth operations, you must have passion for getting things done and solving problems daily together with your team. There will be no two days alike as you set out to grow our business in your market. If you are creative, can hold on of a fast pace and thrive when you need to figure out what to do rather than wait to be told what to do, then apply today.


The role of Country Manager for Germany will teach you a lot, give daily challenges and requires the attitude of an entrepreneur. Your full ownership of the market means that your mission is to provide totally new service to markets – introduce the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to sell and buy clothes that fit for the whole Germany.

You will own the skills of modern digital marketing and communication, public relations and passion to fashion and media field, grow the market sustainably and work efficiently moving towards profitable business. To master the new market entry, you will need to be able to collaborate and make great deals with local fashion and lifestyle influencers, designers and work with our current marketing and communication team in Helsinki and Berlin.

In this role, you’ll get a lot of support and help on the way, but you are also expected to be an amazing independent manager with an exceptional ability to get a bunch of things done every single day.


  • Establish and execute growth strategy to drive new customers, retain existing ones and look for innovative ways to build our brand in Germany.
  • Creating new and innovative ways to grow our user base through viral campaigns and make great collaborations with designers, influencers and fashion industry.
  • Refine your processes and share your opinions and knowhow on conquering the new market with our support from the HQ in Helsinki.
  • Find and establish long-term relationships with the most suitable online influencers to feature in Zadaa to sell their clothes and share their fashion styles.
  • Utilise your modern marketing and communications skills to work with our marketing & advertising team to figure out the cost-efficient channels and ways to promote the service.
  • Work with our communications & PR team to make sure Zadaa will be noticed in the local press and becomes one of the fashion topics.


  • Fluent in German and English.
  • Have experience in digital marketing and working with consumers.
  • A creative soul, able to come up with new and innovative ideas.
  • A DOer meaning that you like to get things done no matter what.
  • Possess great networking skills for finding and getting along with the fashion influencers.
  • An expert of the German market, knows the country, culture and the fashion.
  • Living in Berlin or able to move there.
  • Business, communications or marketing related degree preferred.
  • Any contacts to fashion industry in Germany is a major plus!

To apply, send us your free-form application with your CV to [email protected].
We can’t wait to hear from you!



  • University dropout that has created digital and social business strategies for over 50 North European wide well-known brands.
  • Ex-mobile game developer that has lead the team of developers in Rovio Entertainment.
  • Developer who has released his own application worldwide with over 200 000 downloads with a price of 2€
  • Young, ambitious marketer who has been in charge of a mobile application that has over 1 million downloads.
  • One of the Nordic’s first and biggest online fashion influencers who has started working in the business in 2008.
  • Machine learning expert from South Africa who has fearless attitude to do business with the Finns.
  • Person who has done B2B and B2C sales worth over 10 million euros.