The new & fresh Zadaa is here!

Come and explore Zadaa! We had a makeover and now we are feeling more confident than EVER.

What is new?

  • New look! Goodbye old purple, welcome fresh turquoise. Our app looks fresher than ever with a totally new color palette.
  • No meet ups, no hassle! We finally gave up pickups. It’s up to you how you want to deliver the package to the buyer, we of course recommend our secured and tracked Standard Shipping. (You might still remember that as a Zadaa Package.)
  • Buying is even easier! You have to try it for yourself, but we made shopping easier than ever. When you find something that you really want, you can buy it in seconds.

And wait – this is just the beginning. Much more is coming during next weeks. Jump in and start an amazing secondhand journey with completely new Zadaa app! This year might also be a bit more masculine than the last ones. We’ll going to focus on staying home – if you know what we mean. #newdepartmentscoming

Secondhand, simplified.

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