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What is Zadaa’s return policy?

Under the Money Back Guarantee a buyer may request to return an item ordered with the Standard Shipping delivery method if the item does not match the seller’s description.

Our return policy is based around a 72 hour review period for every purchase made through our marketplace with the Standard Shipping delivery option. If a customer would like to return an item they have purchased then they will need to contact our customer support within 72 hours of the moment their order has been received or picked up.

Requests to return or cancel an order are no longer possible if our support team has not been contacted about the return before the 72 hour review period ends. 

Once an order is reviewed payment is sent to the seller and the transaction is complete. At this point, a return is no longer possible regardless if the item is fake or not as described. It is up to the buyer to make sure they contact us and wait for a reply.

This additional safety policy is not otherwise protected by law for second hand purchases between two consumers. We offer this through our service as a way to help our buyers ensure they are satisfied with their purchase.

What is covered under the Money Back Guarantee? 

If any of the following apply to your order, please report the problem in the Zadaa app or by email to immediately:

  • Item is lost during delivery
  • Item is damaged during delivery
  • Item not as described
  • Item is not authentic

The buyer of the item must accurately and adequately demonstrate that the purchased item does not match the seller’s description. 

What is not covered under the Money Back Guarantee? 

  • Buyers remorse
  • The item is not your style
  • The seller’s images and description accurately describe known flaws
  • The item has a displeasing smell
  • The colour is slightly different than expected  
  • The item size was listed accurately, as it is given on the manufacturers tags but the item does not fit you as expected

Zadaa does not approve returns through our service if the purchased item has an unpleasant smell. It is reasonable to expect that odours can be removed by washing an item. Zadaa recommends you wash all second hand items before use as good practice. 

Zadaa does not approve returns through our service if the color of the purchased item is slightly different than expected. We hope that all product images on Zadaa are taken in bright, natural lighting. However, it is up to the buyer to properly assess the lighting conditions when looking at a photograph. 

Different phone and tablet screens are color calibrated differently. Slight color variations between the purchased object and the seller’s images will not qualify as grounds for a return. 

If you have received a package that you are not satisfied with, and it does not qualify for a return we suggest that you sell it again on Zadaa. 

The Money Back Guarantee is only valid for orders placed with the Standard Shipping delivery method. Standard Shipping is the only delivery method on Zadaa that comes with tracking and insurance. If you elect to use Other Delivery Options then you agree that you bear all risks and potential losses associated with the delivery.

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