The most wanted trends of 2021’s summer season

Hey there, are you feeling it too? The notorious feeling of needing something new?
To be very honest, we do understand you. It’s finally hot, hot, HOT outside and you don’t want to be left alone showing up with too many layers and dull colors.

The good news is, you can shop some of the most wanted trends for 2021’s summer season secondhand on Zadaa. Old is the new new! We have taken a closer look at what’s trending this hot season and this is what sounds most promising!

Let’s start from the bottom. Shorts – the longer the better! This season is all about comfort. We have a simply rule for the shorts season: your favourite pants, but cut them from the knees. Or actually don’t cut yourself, but choose a pair of yoga pants that are cut just above your knees. Those are called the biker shorts and even princess Diana knew how to rock them – with a college shirt or a t-shirt. Your hottest pair of jeans should also be cut above your knees. Didn’t you get the memo? Short shorts are a thing of the past this summer season. #nomoremicroshorts

One trend we could never get bored of is everything pastel. Buttercup yellows, lovely lilacs, smooth pinks and light greens and blues are all you need. Dresses, tops, shoes and accessories – it all works in pretty pastel.

We’d like to finish our trend tour on the top. Faces coloured in funky make-up! As you have already read, the 80s are back! So, why not try some discoish far-out shades forming a baby blue or ponkey pink lid? Adding a sparkly purple lip and the look is done! You wanna get inspired? Check the styles of Miley Cyrus or Dua Lipa, these trend setters know just too good how to rock this new trend! And please, don’t forget your sunscreen.

If you want to find out more about trends check out the showroom in Zadaa and get inspired.

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