RosieRiver (also known as Roosa) was born and raised in Finland. She’s a 27 years old streamer. Rosie tells us she has been a nerd since she can remember. Gaming has always been a big part of her life. She plays video games on and has been a full time streamer for 5 years now. That has paid off – RosieRiver has over 100 000 loyal followers! We asked Rosie some questions while we were building a kick-ass boutique for her in our Showroom!

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

Streaming for me is playing games and spending time with my friends and community. One big part of my job is traveling to events all over the world. My community is filled with the funniest and most caring people I’ve met. I have always strived to have goals to reach and this year we are pushing me out of my comfort zone as a gamer in my gaming room and starting to open up more about myself and more specifically about this industry overall. As a nerdy girl I’m used to being looked weirdly or confused at, something that was weird from me to do as a job 5 years ago has now changed to be one of the coolest jobs to do it seems. The perspective towards streaming and peoples assumptions have changed a lot during these years and for that I’m really happy.

My style on stream and in events has always been a big part of my job. I have a separate room where I transform from Roosa to Rosie among all my clothes and accessories. I love to dress up everyday. From fancy looks with long extensions to oversized hoodies and messy bunnies. It tells my viewers the mood we are going with that day in my games too. Some days we try hard in fps games when again some days we chill in community games. 

How did you end up being so popular in Twitch?

I think my personality has always fit streaming. I often compare streaming to hosting an evening in my living room, only now I host the evenings on the internet. In real life too, I love to host birthdays and gatherings. I have always been an optimistic personality and I believe that is catching to my viewers. Streaming is a full time job for me, that means I work “normal” working hours, often more than that. Right now I would say I work around 60h/week. I have a schedule for days and times I go live on twitch.

You have to be creative with your content and consistent. Like in any other job you can’t just decide to not go to work if you don’t feel like it, I think this type of mindset took me a long way. I always feel much better after ending every stream than before starting it. In fact streaming and my community has helped me to go through big life changes and losses in life. 

Could you describe your own style briefly?

It’s really up to my mood, I would say urban and unisex clothes have drawed me mostly lately. I often wear clothes designed for men, yet I love to twist it with pretty makeup and decorated nails and hair. 

Who is your style icon and why?

Kim Duong / @blvckd0pe is one of the instagram accounts I find really inspiring.

What are some of your favorite brands at the moment? 

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite brand but I still have most hoodies from a brand called Blackdope.

What are you selling in your boutique in Zadaa?

I’m selling clothes that I have no use for anymore, also to make space for new clothes to come. I change my style often, I also buy clothes to a specific event or shoot and most of the things that I sell I have worn 5 times the most. I take really good care of my clothes, they are a big part of my everyday life. I’m also selling my old gaming gear, keyboards, headsets etc. Other electronics too like my Canon EOS 77D that I haven’t used once. 

Do you have something to say to Zadaa’s secondhand fashion community?

I have always loved to go around my local second hand markets and do some finds. I love that there is a community for this on the internet also. This is my first time selling my stuff on the internet and I’m already loving it. Recykling our clothes is more important than ever. Textile junk is still the most difficult junk to recycle which is why I find it really important to use every piece of clothing til it’s well worn. 


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