Frederikke Thiberg’s Blue Wave of Fashion

This week we’re featuring the young influencer and designer in our Showroom. She’s selling a variety of great fashion, and among those a great blue wave of denim, dresses and shirts. We’ve sat down with Frederikke Thiberg (@frederikkethiberg) for a quick talk about her career, her style and danish fashion.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do? Who is Frederikke Thiberg?

I’m 19 years old and just graduated high school from Øregård Gymnasium. I’m an influencer on Instagram, where I share my style and inspiration. I also have my own brand called The Good Statement, which I founded a year and a half ago. I work as a personal assistant for fashion stylist and influencer Emili Sindlev. And then I’m starting at a new creative school called Krabbesholm, which is situated in the small town of Skive in Jutland.

Could you describe your own fashion style briefly?

My style is playful and I do not follow any rules or conventions. I like to mix patterns, prints and colors and always try to push my own boundaries when it comes to style and styling. You would only very very rarely see me in an entire black or grey outfit as I prefer to wear colors. I think I express my personality through my style – Im wild, outgoing and bubbly.

Who is your style icon and why?

I don’t think I can choose only one as I have several. I have always looked up to my good friend/mentor/guardian angel Lulu Henckel and she inspires me with her style, as well as her way of living life. I also really like Emili Sindlev’s and Blanca Miro’s style. They are both playful and always have their own take on fashion trends and styling. Also, I always find plenty inspiration when watching Sex And the City – I could watch that serie over and over again and never get bored of it. It is inspiring on so many levels.

What are some of your favorite brands at the moment? What brands does Frederikke Thiberg love?

I really like Danish brands such as Envii, Modstrøm, Ganni, Baum Und Pfergarten, By Malene Birger, Designers Remix, Heartmade and so on. They are doing a great job! Also Im a big fan of international brands such as Vetements, Off-White, Gucci, Balenciaga, Marni, The Attico and so on. Not that I have closet full of clothes from these labels, but I find a lot of my inspiration from them.

What are some of your favorite colors and trends that are emerging at the moment?

I really like the cowboy trend as well as the cycling shorts trend. I don’t like to be too girly, and those two trends has a bit of a boyish sense to it, so that suits me perfect. Also I will always be in love with colors all year round, so bright colors for fall is a big yes from me.

As an influencer and fashion-knower, what do you think makes Danes so fashionable?

I think danes are good at just wearing what they like without doubting it so much. Danes have an unique take on fashionable yet practical as many in Copenhagen get around with bike or walking as well as we have a cold winter, so layering is now practical and fashionable. Also I think there are many Danes who have an individual style and they wear whatever they are inspired of and that inspires the rest of us.

Lastly, you are very known for your amazing style, and we’d love to hear your tips for putting together an amazing outfit?

First of all – don’t let the rules stop you. Wear what you think is cool and try to stand out and show some personality through your style. Try to think out of the box and turn your inspiration into an outfit. For me, a colour combination, a picture or a material can inspire me to an outfit, so search for inspiration in the unusual.


Frederikke Thiberg Zadaa

Photos taken by Sienna Rousseau

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