Name: Sara Ollila
Age: 20
Style: relaxed, versatile & adventurous

Yesterday we wrote about her big sister Annika Ollila, today we got talented Sara Ollila here with us. Sara started her blog called SARA OLLILA after taking daily outfit pictures of her sister. After those photo sessions Sara got a lot of pictures of herself too, so she decided to publish them and started her own fashion blog. She wrote her first blog posts when she was just 13 years old.

When Sara was younger she and her big sister fought over their wardrobes. Borrowing your sister’s clothes is a good idea until your sister need her clothes back. Today they still borrow clothes from each other, but silly little fights over clothes are gone. Sara tells that when sisters were living under the same roof, they fought much more than now. All four of them are very precise about their clothes and Sara laughs that this is the fact that has been giving grey hair to their parents.

About five years ago Sara and Annika shared a passion for lumberjack shirts, but Sara says, she would never wear those again. Nowadays Sara tries out new things instead of being loyal to one style, but she tells she wears her military boots no matter what season it is. The exception confirms the rule. Sara feels like she’s still looking to find her personal style, but it’s not a bad thing, because she’s surely having fun while looking! 😉


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FALL / spring

DOGS / cats

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