Name: Linda Ekroth
Age: 20
YouTube: Linda Ekroth (HERE)
Style: trendy, light, bold
As a kid I started by doing modeling for a few years, which led me to gain my interest for photography too. I started to shoot my friends, who then also took pictures of me, and that’s kind of were I got in to blogging. I work now a days as a photographer and blogger, so I’m spending much time on both sides of the camera.
I can feel confident in both relaxed and classy outfits. It depends on how I style it. Generally I feel that I’m most confident when I have some clothes on that flatter my body, that are comfortable to be in and that bring some edge to my personality. It is also important that I feel fresh and beautiful, so even tho my outfit is on point, I can feel stressed if my hair is a mess or I have a lot of breakouts. Unfortunately these things effect my confidence, but I am working on it. I feel that I can be confident without make-up and with oily hair, if my outfit is just a pair of old sweatpants and a hoodie. But if I try to dress up with this look, I feel uncomfortable.
My style is very variable. One day I can be dressed all black, with leather pants and boots. On an other day I can rock heels and a floral dress. I think that is the most fun part of blogging, that I can change styles depending on my mood.
I get mostly influenced by other influencers. I have a few favorites I follow more frequently. Molly Rustas, Janni Deler, Hannalicious and Fakander. I think my wardrobe staples for winter would be a big warm faux fur, some really good fitting black jeans, a light colored warm knit and a pair of comfortable boots with a heel. I am very exited about summer 2018, since it is all about colorful prints with fruits! I love for example lemons and oranges, and Gina Tricot will have some awesome skirts and dresses in fruity prints this summer.
coffee / TEA
hair up / HAIR DOWN
morning / EVENING
LEATHER / lace
autumn / SPRING
HEELS / flats
VIDEO / photos

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