Who: Annika Ollila
Age: 22
Style: relaxed & comfortable

Annika Ollila started her blog in 2008 when there were only a few lifestyle and fashion blogs in Finland. Annika decided to try if blogging as a hobby would be her cup of tea. Little did she know – nine years later she has her own company and her beloved hobby is now her job. Annika is now one of the biggest professional bloggers in Finland.

Sometimes Annika misses her old blog posts. She has deleted the very first ones, but she would love to read those if it would be possible. When she started her blog she was just a teenager. Her readers surely remember her lumberjack shirts, skinny jeans, chunky beanies and Converse sneakers. She wore those every singe day. She still loves those elements, but wear them now separately.

Annika is the kind of girl who wears her favourite clothes and doesn’t care if those are stylish or not. That hasn’t changed during these years. She says she will wear her sneakers even when she’s an old lady. Her style is both comfortable and relaxed. For example Annika would never wear those tight peplum tops again. That trend wasn’t for her.

Annika Ollila has a sister, Sara Ollila, who is also a blogger. Actually there are four Ollila sisters. Annika tells they have the same temperament. Nowadays Annika appreciates sisterhood and the fact that she never has to be alone in her life. No friendship can be compared to sisterhood. And the fact that your sister is the same size as you and likes the same style is not a bad thing either. 😉


ponytail / HAIR DOWN


RUNNING / gym training

handbag / BACKBAG

heels / SNEAKERS

morning / EVENING


NO LOGO / logo

eye make up / LIP MAKE UP

brand loyalty / BRAND EXPERIMENTS


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