#ZadaaLooks is here!

#ZadaaLooks is here! After a long dark winter, we all started to look forward to a brighter and... Read more »

This is about how much CO2 emission secondhand shopping has saved in 2020 on Zadaa!

Last week we proudly presented you with how much water was saved by shopping secondhand with Zadaa.... Read more »

Find out how much water shopping secondhand has saved in 2020 on Zadaa!

If you have been following us over the last couple of weeks you will have noticed some fun facts we... Read more »

Zadaa’s most popular sustainable brands in 2020

The good news is, secondhand shopping is already a sustainable act itself. Whatever you buy... Read more »

A throwback to the most liked products in 2020!

It’s officially the second week of January and we believe this is a great time to have another... Read more »

A look back at Zadaa’s 2020

Happy New Year dear Zadaa-Community! We hope you’ve had a great start to 2021. What a great... Read more »

The Zadaa Christmas Calendar

What a year it has been! We can all probably agree that the last couple of months have been... Read more »

Autumn cleaning – get free shipping!

Autumn cleaning has started! Do you want to earn FREE shipping? And maybe get rid of everything you... Read more »

Free shipping from Denmark!

Yay! 🇩🇰 You made it happen! We can tell you really love Danish fashion, so this weekend you... Read more »

5 items = 1 free shipment

Summer cleaning has started! ☀️ Do you want to earn FREE shipping? And maybe get rid of... Read more »

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