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List items for sale like a pro

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How to make a Bid that does not get rejected?

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The founder of Zadaa reveals how you sell all your secondhand clothes

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Thinking of buying a second hand luxury handbag? Zadaa’s Money Back Guarantee has your back!

Buying luxury bags online might be scary and risky. But the euphoric feeling when you can finally... Read more »

Vegan food TikToker: “Finally pre-loved fashion with CO2 compensated deliveries!”

Pre-loved fashion is a hot topic, but pre-loved fashion with CO2 compensated deliveries is the... Read more »

Key looks to autumn 2022 feat. Sephora Lindsay

I’m guilty! 🙊 Guilty for breathing a sigh of relief when the rain finally starting falling... Read more »

Busting thrift store myths with Ida Starck

When talking about second hand fashion influencers, I must mention Ida Starck (@idachristines). Ida... Read more »

Colour trends for 2022: colours vs. neutrals?

When it comes time to write about trends and fashion, we have help from you, our second hand loving... Read more »

Zadaa+ is a common hobby for this mom and her daughter

Tiia and Krista Koivusalo are mother and daughter sharing a common hobby: hunting pre-loved... Read more »

Henrik Viljanen knows a lot about second hand fashion for men

Henrik Viljanen (@viljanenhenrik) is a Finnish male influencer who gladly promotes second hand... Read more »

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