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Love is in the air! At least when it comes to Camilla Czakan and her romantic style. We wanted to know all about ruffles, floral patterns and fun dresses, so here we are sharing Camilla’s best clothing, jewelry and make up tips to you. Take notes and shop her fashion in Zadaa app today. You can buy […]

UNCLOTHED: Ilirida Krasniqi’s wardrobe

Ilirida Krasniqi is the epitome of a young, successful and hardworking woman. A dentist student and Zumba instructor by day and fashion influencer by night, this young woman spends most of her time working hard. She looks, travels and dresses just like a supermodel, and on her popular blog and Instagram profile you can catch […]

UNCLOTHED: Amalie Fischer’s Wardrobe

Amalie Fischer is a danish fashion blogger. Amalie is known for her amazing and colorful style. We visited Amalie’s apartment in central Copenhagen, and got to talk all things fashion and even caught a glimpse of her gorgeous wardrobe.   Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do? I’m Amalie, a […]

UNCLOTHED: Ilta’s wardrobe

Want to know how to get chills like never before? Go to Cheek’s show and listen how Ilta sounds like when she feats in the song Sillat while playing piano at the same time. The live version will blow your mind – but so will her style! This girl’s playful style goes hand in hand […]

UNCLOTHED: Sophie Bennekou’s Wardrobe

Sophie Bennekou is a fashion influencer and Instagrammer from Denmark. Sophie recently discovered Zadaa for selling and buying, and this week her fashion is featuring in Discover. However, with large social media following and a gorgeous wardrobe, we just couldn’t wait to get to get a glimpse inside the life of Sophie. From favourite designer […]

UNCLOTHED: Pihlaja’s wardrobe

Have you heard the song Kevät this spring? And we mean the new kick-ass version! The classic song has been brought back to live by Adi L Hasla and of course Pihlaja, who is a singer/songwriter from Tampere, Finland. We fell in love with her feminine tomboy style, and while we shooted her fashion to be sold in Zadaa, […]

UNCLOTHED: Pinja Kuivalainen’s wardrobe

Pinja Kuivalainen got just back to Finland from Glasgow and is amazed by the warm weather and beautiful cherry trees in Roihuvuori. Her blog, Pinja K, is full of happy spirit and outfit pictures with polka dot dresses and other girly clothes. Pinja’s style is fun and it seems that she is always on a good mood. But […]

UNCLOTHED: Ilona Ylikorpi’s wardrobe

Ilona Ylikorpi is one of the most followed girls in Finland. She has a YouTube channel with over 100.000 subscribers. Almost every young girl knows who she is. Social media is her job, so we are talking about a real #BOSSGIRL. Or just #BOSS, since she beats many men too with her amazing career. How many […]

UNCLOTHED: Laura Tønder’s wardrobe

Laura Tønder aka Couturekulten is a danish fashion designer and blogger. Laura is known for her amazing street styles, for which she has featured in some of the biggest fashion magazines worldwide. We visited Laura’s apartment in Copenhagen, and got to talk all things fashion and even caught a glimpse of her gorgeous wardrobe.   […]

UNCLOTHED: Ida Christine’s wardrobe

Meet Ida Christine Starck, a rising youtuber from Finland. She opened her own boutique in Zadaa today.