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6 tips to teach you how to take better pictures

The easiest way to take a picture of an item you want to sell is just to make sure the item is in focus and take the photo. It’s simple, we know. If you still want to know how to  take better pictures, keep reading. What if we told you that with our easy tips your […]

Debet eller kredit? Vidste du dette?

Det er blevet tid til endnu et tip fra Zadaa. Denne gang vil vi gerne give dig nogle gode shopping og betalings tip! Vidste du, at et fleksibelt bankkort (dvs. et med både debet eller kredit) altid er tilgængeligt i to forskellige numre på forsiden og bagsiden af ​​kortet. Hvordan er dette muligt? Du er […]

Three things you should buy pre-loved

Have you been wondering what are the things you should buy used? You don’t have to anymore! We listed three things you should search in Zadaa app and reasons why to do so. We have CLOTHES, ACCESSORIES and BABY&KIDS departments, so it quite easy to find what you are looking for. These tips were originally […]

Baby, it’s cold outside – so it’s time to buy warm clothes to your kid!

Our BABY&KIDS department is growing fast. Since it’s winter and cold, now it’s good time to make sure your little one hasn’t grown out his/her clothes. However if this is the case, don’t worry. We have loads of warm overalls, merino wool mid layers and waterproof shoes for you. Just open the BABY&KIDS department, tap […]

How to organize your closet – 8 easy steps!

Since today is the international organize your home day we are sharing our best tips to take part in this special day. Your style may be clear, but your closet may still be a mess. But do not worry, Zadaa is here to help you! Here are eight easy steps to organize your closet originally […]

Hunting the ugly Christmas sweater!

Do you already have the ugly Christmas sweater (also known as Christmas jumper) for this year? You know those silly knits with snowmen, Santa and some tacky texts. If you don’t, here are few tips for finding the perfect one! It’s really easy and also cheap. In Zadaa you’ll find the shirts that are not […]

Perfect pre-christmas party accessories

Buy those perfect accessories for pre-christmas party from Zadaa!

Four reasons why shopping in Zadaa is safe

Have you sometimes bought something online, paid for it and never got the package? It can be tempting to arrange a meeting with someone and make the deal that way, but what if the item is fault and the seller never answers you again? Or what if the buyer don’t have the cash, but he or […]

What to buy (AUTUMN 2017)

In our honest opinion autumn is the best fashion season. That’s why we collected five big trends you would totally rock this fall. You can find these products and much more by exploring Zadaa or using our search tool. For example for the red colour you can use our brand new colour filter. So, are you […]

Four tips for selling more in Zadaa

Selling your clothes in Zadaa is easy, but you can easily sell even more! With these easy tips you have a change to become a super seller. Just give it a try! 1. SHIPPING Did you know that over 90% of the purchases in Zadaa are made with Zadaa package? Consider adding an option for […]