UNCLOTHED: Sophie Bennekou’s Wardrobe

June 5, 2018

Sophie Bennekou is a fashion influencer and Instagrammer from Denmark. Sophie recently discovered Zadaa for selling and buying, and this week her fashion is featuring in Discover. However, with large social media following and a gorgeous wardrobe, we just couldn’t wait to get to get a glimpse inside the life of Sophie. From favourite designer to guilty pleasures, we’ve asked Sophie everything about fashion, beauty, life, travel and much more.

The first thing I do in the morning is?

Check Instagram! It’s ridiculous haha, but it’s honestly the first thing I do!

I would never leave home without?

My phone. Again, ridiculous! If I have to come up with a slightly more ‘adult’ answer, it may be my keys, haha.

My ‘go to’ outfit is?

In the summer, it’s a nice and breezy dress. In winter it’s a cozy knit!

I would spend a lot of money on?

I am a sucker for everything from Balenciaga!

If I were to describe my personal style in one word, it would be?

Rawsual (A new word I just invented so I could get raw and casual into one word), HAHA!

The best thing about preloved shopping is?

All the good shopping scoops you can find! Learning to be patient and waiting for the right deal.

My favorite brands and designers are?

I’d say:

1.) Coco Chanel

2.) Alexander Wang

3.) Yves Saint Laurent

4.) Riccardo Ticsi

5.) Yohji Yamamoto

6.) Demna Gvasalia

7.) Marc Jacobs

There are definitely many more, but this is the short answer.

When it comes to being an influencer, what people don’t understand is?

It’s actually super hard! You spend a lot of time creating interesting content, constantly thinking innovatively and creatively, and people often have certain expectations of you. Also on your bad days!

My guilty pleasure is?

Ben & Jerry’s. Because I am lactose intolerant.

My favorite influencers are?

There are a couple. Instagrammer JosefineHJ, because I honestly think she has the best content on Instagram! The Youtuber Jeffree Star because he is a ridiculously  skilled makeup artist. I do not read that many blogs! I like when a blogger shares her life and is honest in her content. Unfortunately, there are very few of those. But Amalie Brohus, who writes a lot about her everyday life and her battle with anxiety and Lærke Sejer, who has just become mother and writes about ups & downs in the most honest way, I’d say they are good suggestions for bloggers.

The coolest person I have ever met was?

My boyfriend, Joakim. After almost 2 years, he still knows how to surprise me every single day!

A person I would like to meet is?

Coco Chanel is one! Because she was so cool and strong! She had a mission and vision, which she set out to execute, without worrying about all the bumps and bruises she’d get along the way! Justin Trudeau, Canada’s current prime minister, is also a good pick! He should be a safe pick for everyone! Mostly, because Justin Trudeau has the most wonderful view of humanity and the greatest openness and acceptance of all people! And I have such a deep respect for him! I think we all could learn something from him!

Something people may not know about me?

I’m crazy about snowboarding and roller skating!

The last thing I googled was?

Yanni vs Laurel… I’m team Yanni, haha!

The hardest thing about being an influencer is?

To continuously think innovatively and set higher goals!

The best thing about being an influencer is?

When you reach the all goals you’ve set, and all the people you get to meet on your way!

I keep fit by?

Walk up and down to me and my boyfriend’s apartment on the 5th floor, several times a day. And carrying shopping bags, haha

My beauty routine includes?

My beauty routine (which does not contain makeup) is like this – I always start with my cleansing series from ‘Faaborg Pharma’ in the morning. Once I’m done with that, I use ‘No 4 Hydration Serum’, from ‘Verso’! I mix in my serum, and put some drops of ‘Huile Prodigieuse Or’ from ‘Nuxe’ that gives the most beautiful glow on the skin! After that I use my eye cream ‘Hydra Beauty – Gel Yeux’ from ‘Chanel’. Then I use my ‘Silver Rich Face Mist’ from ‘AMLY’, after that my day cream from’ Faaborg Pharma ‘and, lastly, before makeup, I use’ Hydrating Face cream ‘as a primer, from’ Bobbi Brown ‘. Lastly, I moisturize my body with  ‘Jump Into the Sea – body cream’ from ‘Rituals’.

Before I go to bed, I use my cleansing series from ‘Faaborg Pharma’ again, then my ‘Deep Hydration Treatment’ from ‘Exuviance’, then my eye cream and lastly, my night cream from ‘Faaborg Pharma’! I usually put a few drops of ‘rosehip – BioRegenerate Oil’, from ‘pie’ into my night cream! Do not know if I do it in the correct order. But it works for me!

My favorite place to travel is?

It may be Paris. But if it were somewhere I’ve never been, then it’s definitely Galapagos Islands!

One thing I’ve never done but would love to do?

Go on a trip to outer space.

The best life advice I have ever received was?

I’ve never actually gotten one! I feel like these kinds of advices were given back in the days, when they had more time to contemplate life and pass on their advice and experience to others! Today everyone is so busy with their own lives, unfortunately!