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UNCLOTHED: Pinja Kuivalainen’s wardrobe

Pinja Kuivalainen got just back to Finland from Glasgow and is amazed by the warm weather and beautiful cherry trees in Roihuvuori. Her blog, Pinja K, is full of happy spirit and outfit pictures with polka dot dresses and other girly clothes. Pinja’s style is fun and it seems that she is always on a good mood. But let’s focus on her style now!

Pinja’s style tips form summer 2018

The best style tip ever is to wear something that feels good, Pinja tells. “I’m nicer when I like my outfit” is a quote that she really likes and what she believes in. Confidence is something that makes ones outfit look better instantly. Besides that Pinja loves woven bags that are everywhere this summer in different kinds of forms.

Pinja’s hoodie hunt

In Pinja’s Zadaa boutique you can find an Abercrombie & Fitchin hoodie with a story to tell. Pinja bought that hoodie from London when she was on a language learning trip with her friend. They were already late, but they just had to visit the iconic store. It was a quick visit, but totally worth it.

When they were running from the store to their meeting point they felt like winners. And what else can you feel like when you are carrying a bag with a picture of a shirtless man on it and everyone is looking at you?

About Pinja’s blazer love

If Pinja was a piece of garment she would be a blazer. Pinja wears blazer every week. At the moment her favourite one is a checkered one. In her Zadaa boutique Pinja is actually selling one blazer, but just because she wears her other blazers more than that. Maybe you could give a home for that extra one?


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