UNCLOTHED: Pihlaja’s wardrobe

May 29, 2018

Have you heard the song Kevät this spring? And we mean the new kick-ass version! The classic song has been brought back to live by Adi L Hasla and of course Pihlaja, who is a singer/songwriter from Tampere, Finland. We fell in love with her feminine tomboy style, and while we shooted her fashion to be sold in Zadaa, we asked a few questions about her summer style 2018. Enjoy!

Pihlaja’s style tips for summer 2018

This young woman is not a fashion victim. Instead she wears what feels right at that time. Her favourite things at the moment are 90’s sunglasses and she loves mixing multiple prints together. And the one thing that Pihlaja thinks is always in fashion? CONFIDENCE, of course.

If Pihlaja was a piece of garment…

… she would be something stretchy, relaxed, chic and sporty. Something that one can wear while bouncing around. A pair of Adidas leggings would be a perfect choice.

Pihlaja’s pink skirt

The pink skirt from Missguided is a very special one. Pihlaja was wearing it while performing in Hartwall Arena for the very first time in Tubecon. There were over 10.000 people in the audience, so you might say this skirt had it’s 15 minutes of fame. This woman is a real talent, so she will have so much more than just 15 minutes!

Pihlaja’s festival style this summer

Military boots are close to Pihlaja’s heart. She loves to wear them with shorts or short skirts to have a little contrast. And that is in the end what her style is all about!


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