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UNCLOTHED: Ida Christine’s wardrobe

Meet Ida Christine Starck, a rising youtuber from Finland. She opened her own boutique in Zadaa today. We met her in sunny Tapiola and collected style tips and interesting stories about the clothes she is selling. Read the stories behind her fashion pieces and get to know Ida Christine a little better. You can find most of the clothes and accessory seen in these pictures in Zadaa.

Ida’s style tip!

For this spring one should buy something checkered. If not a whole suit, then atleast pants. And if that’s not wild enough, mixing prints is always worth trying.

Ida’s vintage love!

When Ida goes shopping, she starts her day in vintage stores. Flea markets are her weak spot and she loves to shop there. Ida has found great things pre-loved. For example dotted, mesh dress from R/H.

Ida’s shoe problem!

In Ida’s boutique there are multiple pairs of shoes. Ida was thinking her shoe size is 38 and bought beautiful shoes for herself without trying them on just to find out they were too small. Her favourite shoes are Converses. She’s selling her black ones, but she’ll love her other pair until the end.

Ida’s power clothing!

If Ida was a piece of clothing she would be a biker leather jacket. Timeless, fierce and confident just like her. “And worth investing!” she adds and laughs. Leather happens to be her favourite material, so her answer doesn’t surprise me.


KUVAT: Juuli Rönkä