UNCLOTHED: Sophie Bennekou’s Wardrobe

Sophie Bennekou is a fashion influencer and Instagrammer from Denmark. Sophie recently discovered Zadaa for selling and buying, and this week her fashion is featuring in Discover. However, with large social media following and a gorgeous wardrobe, we just couldn’t wait to get to get a glimpse inside the life of Sophie. From favourite designer to guilty pleasures, we’ve asked Sophie everything about fashion, beauty, life, travel and much more.

The first thing I do in the morning is?

Check Instagram! It’s ridiculous haha, but it’s honestly the first thing I do!

I would never leave home without?

My phone. Again, ridiculous! If I have to come up with a slightly more ‘adult’ answer, it may be my keys, haha.

My ‘go to’ outfit is?

In the summer, it’s a nice and breezy dress. In winter it’s a cozy knit!

I would spend a lot of money on?

I am a sucker for everything from Balenciaga!

If I were to describe my personal style in one word, it would be?

Rawsual (A new word I just invented so I could get raw and casual into one word), HAHA!

The best thing about preloved shopping is?

All the good shopping scoops you can find! Learning to be patient and waiting for the right deal.

My favorite brands and designers are?

I’d say:

1.) Coco Chanel

2.) Alexander Wang

3.) Yves Saint Laurent

4.) Riccardo Ticsi

5.) Yohji Yamamoto

6.) Demna Gvasalia

7.) Marc Jacobs

There are definitely many more, but this is the short answer.

When it comes to being an influencer, what people don’t understand is?

It’s actually super hard! You spend a lot of time creating interesting content, constantly thinking innovatively and creatively, and people often have certain expectations of you. Also on your bad days!

My guilty pleasure is?

Ben & Jerry’s. Because I am lactose intolerant.

My favorite influencers are?

There are a couple. Instagrammer JosefineHJ, because I honestly think she has the best content on Instagram! The Youtuber Jeffree Star because he is a ridiculously  skilled makeup artist. I do not read that many blogs! I like when a blogger shares her life and is honest in her content. Unfortunately, there are very few of those. But Amalie Brohus, who writes a lot about her everyday life and her battle with anxiety and Lærke Sejer, who has just become mother and writes about ups & downs in the most honest way, I’d say they are good suggestions for bloggers.

The coolest person I have ever met was?

My boyfriend, Joakim. After almost 2 years, he still knows how to surprise me every single day!

A person I would like to meet is?

Coco Chanel is one! Because she was so cool and strong! She had a mission and vision, which she set out to execute, without worrying about all the bumps and bruises she’d get along the way! Justin Trudeau, Canada’s current prime minister, is also a good pick! He should be a safe pick for everyone! Mostly, because Justin Trudeau has the most wonderful view of humanity and the greatest openness and acceptance of all people! And I have such a deep respect for him! I think we all could learn something from him!

Something people may not know about me?

I’m crazy about snowboarding and roller skating!

The last thing I googled was?

Yanni vs Laurel… I’m team Yanni, haha!

The hardest thing about being an influencer is?

To continuously think innovatively and set higher goals!

The best thing about being an influencer is?

When you reach the all goals you’ve set, and all the people you get to meet on your way!

I keep fit by?

Walk up and down to me and my boyfriend’s apartment on the 5th floor, several times a day. And carrying shopping bags, haha

My beauty routine includes?

My beauty routine (which does not contain makeup) is like this – I always start with my cleansing series from ‘Faaborg Pharma’ in the morning. Once I’m done with that, I use ‘No 4 Hydration Serum’, from ‘Verso’! I mix in my serum, and put some drops of ‘Huile Prodigieuse Or’ from ‘Nuxe’ that gives the most beautiful glow on the skin! After that I use my eye cream ‘Hydra Beauty – Gel Yeux’ from ‘Chanel’. Then I use my ‘Silver Rich Face Mist’ from ‘AMLY’, after that my day cream from’ Faaborg Pharma ‘and, lastly, before makeup, I use’ Hydrating Face cream ‘as a primer, from’ Bobbi Brown ‘. Lastly, I moisturize my body with  ‘Jump Into the Sea – body cream’ from ‘Rituals’.

Before I go to bed, I use my cleansing series from ‘Faaborg Pharma’ again, then my ‘Deep Hydration Treatment’ from ‘Exuviance’, then my eye cream and lastly, my night cream from ‘Faaborg Pharma’! I usually put a few drops of ‘rosehip – BioRegenerate Oil’, from ‘pie’ into my night cream! Do not know if I do it in the correct order. But it works for me!

My favorite place to travel is?

It may be Paris. But if it were somewhere I’ve never been, then it’s definitely Galapagos Islands!

One thing I’ve never done but would love to do?

Go on a trip to outer space.

The best life advice I have ever received was?

I’ve never actually gotten one! I feel like these kinds of advices were given back in the days, when they had more time to contemplate life and pass on their advice and experience to others! Today everyone is so busy with their own lives, unfortunately!


UNCLOTHED: Pihlaja’s wardrobe

Have you heard the song Kevät this spring? And we mean the new kick-ass version! The classic song has been brought back to live by Adi L Hasla and of course Pihlaja, who is a singer/songwriter from Tampere, Finland. We fell in love with her feminine tomboy style, and while we shooted her fashion to be sold in Zadaa, we asked a few questions about her summer style 2018. Enjoy!

Pihlaja’s style tips for summer 2018

This young woman is not a fashion victim. Instead she wears what feels right at that time. Her favourite things at the moment are 90’s sunglasses and she loves mixing multiple prints together. And the one thing that Pihlaja thinks is always in fashion? CONFIDENCE, of course.

If Pihlaja was a piece of garment…

… she would be something stretchy, relaxed, chic and sporty. Something that one can wear while bouncing around. A pair of Adidas leggings would be a perfect choice.

Pihlaja’s pink skirt

The pink skirt from Missguided is a very special one. Pihlaja was wearing it while performing in Hartwall Arena for the very first time in Tubecon. There were over 10.000 people in the audience, so you might say this skirt had it’s 15 minutes of fame. This woman is a real talent, so she will have so much more than just 15 minutes!

Pihlaja’s festival style this summer

Military boots are close to Pihlaja’s heart. She loves to wear them with shorts or short skirts to have a little contrast. And that is in the end what her style is all about!


KUVAT: Juuli Rönkä

6 tips to teach you how to take better pictures

The easiest way to take a picture of an item you want to sell is just to make sure the item is in focus and take the photo. It’s simple, we know. If you still want to know how to  take better pictures, keep reading.

What if we told you that with our easy tips your photos would help you to sell even better and make your item look more appealing to potential buyers? Take the hint and read our tips on your way to become our super seller!

how to take better pictures

6 tips how to take better pictures:

  1. When taking photos of small accessories, also take it’s package into the picture. So if you have the case for your sunglasses or dustbag for your shoes, don’t just write it into the description field – show it to people!
  2. It would be easy to take a ring, a bracelet or other small things and snap a photo while you are holding the item between your fingers. Don’t do it! Fingers don’t usually look good in pictures, so we recommend to avoid those and photo your small items on table, on top of the box of that item or even on your floor (if it looks good).

3. The background is good to be light, but it doesn’t have to be blank. If your home looks good, go ahead and snap your photos on your bedroom, livingroom or even in your kitchen.

4. Some clothes are impossible to hang, but whenever you can do it, use the hanger. It makes the clothing look more valuable and it’s easier to see it’s dimensions. Remember that you can hang necklaces and scarves too.


5. Our best tip is to wear the item. Anytime you can, just wear it. If the size or model of the clothing doesn’t look good on you, make your friend wear it instead.

6. Be a neutral model. Sometimes people want to imagine themselves wearing the item, so take the picture without your head showing in it.

Now you know how to  take better pictures! So, what are you waiting for?

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UNCLOTHED: Pinja Kuivalainen’s wardrobe

Pinja Kuivalainen got just back to Finland from Glasgow and is amazed by the warm weather and beautiful cherry trees in Roihuvuori. Her blog, Pinja K, is full of happy spirit and outfit pictures with polka dot dresses and other girly clothes. Pinja’s style is fun and it seems that she is always on a good mood. But let’s focus on her style now!

Pinja’s style tips form summer 2018

The best style tip ever is to wear something that feels good, Pinja tells. “I’m nicer when I like my outfit” is a quote that she really likes and what she believes in. Confidence is something that makes ones outfit look better instantly. Besides that Pinja loves woven bags that are everywhere this summer in different kinds of forms.

Pinja’s hoodie hunt

In Pinja’s Zadaa boutique you can find an Abercrombie & Fitchin hoodie with a story to tell. Pinja bought that hoodie from London when she was on a language learning trip with her friend. They were already late, but they just had to visit the iconic store. It was a quick visit, but totally worth it.

When they were running from the store to their meeting point they felt like winners. And what else can you feel like when you are carrying a bag with a picture of a shirtless man on it and everyone is looking at you?

About Pinja’s blazer love

If Pinja was a piece of garment she would be a blazer. Pinja wears blazer every week. At the moment her favourite one is a checkered one. In her Zadaa boutique Pinja is actually selling one blazer, but just because she wears her other blazers more than that. Maybe you could give a home for that extra one?


KUVAT: Juuli Rönkä


Meet Roosa Mononen. In her blog she writes about her life and style with beautiful pictures and peaceful mood. With her friends Roosa is part of the Pyjamabileet podcast squad, so if you want to know her better, listen what she has got to say. Life is not just about pink champagne and blogging, in her podcast Roosa also talks about loneliness and other more serious themes. But now let’s focus on the fashion part of Roosa!

Roosa’s style tips for summer 2018

This summer Roosa goes for wrap dresses in different colours and patterns. If the dress has some ruffles, it’s even better! With that style this blogger would wear a relaxed bun with a silk scarf and big sunglasses. The “it bag” of this season is totally a woven one. The size of the bag doesn’t matter, the most important thing is it’s playful material. Roosa’s best accessory is her big smile.

If Roosa was a piece of garment…

… she would be a chic shirt blouse. Like Roosa, a shirt blouse can be very formal, but also relaxed when needed. Simple and versatile! This is also what Roosa wears if she won’t come up with any other outfit ideas.

Roosa’s pink suit pants

In Roosa’s Zadaa boutique she is selling powder pink suit pants.  She searched for those for years after seeing an inspiring outfit in Pinterest. Finding the perfect pair of pants wasn’t easy but finally she found them from H&M. Roosa wore her pants a lot and she also wrote a blogpost serie about styling the pants. Read part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Roosa’s floral blouse

Sometimes people are a little too honest. Like that time when Roosa bought a beautiful floral blouse and wore it in a BBQ party. When Roosa arrived, a man asked her if she was wearing her granny’s curtains. Luckily Roosa is a true #GIRLBOSS and doesn’t care what other people think about her style. She was wearing that blouse multiple times after that night.

Roosa Mononen’s boutique is now live in Discover!

UNCLOTHED: Ilona Ylikorpi’s wardrobe

Ilona Ylikorpi is one of the most followed girls in Finland. She has a YouTube channel with over 100.000 subscribers. Almost every young girl knows who she is. Social media is her job, so we are talking about a real #BOSSGIRL. Or just #BOSS, since she beats many men too with her amazing career. How many people can tell that they get their living out of doing what their passion is?


We met Ilona and uploaded her fashion into Zadaa while we asked her some questions about her style. Now anyone can explore her wardrobe and buy clothes also seen on her vlogs. In her life Ilona focuses on positive things and we think that can be seen also in her style.


Ilona’s style tips for summer 2018!

Light and white colours with some neutral tones are warming Ilona’s heart this summer. Those are always in style.


Ilona’s all time favourite knitwear!
One of Ilona’s all time favourite clothing is the grey knit. She bought it from Miami and it’s part of the Kendall & Kylie Collection. She was wearing the knit a lot, it looks great with basic jeans or even more relaxed pants.
Ilona’s life as a piece of garment!
If Ilona was a piece of garment, she would be a relaxed, white linen dress. She describes herself as ‘a go with the flow girl’ who loves dresses. It’s a pity those can’t be worn in Finland through the whole year.


Ilona’s festival style 2018!
Ilona does not usually wear colourful clothes, but when the festival season kicks off, she likes to wear something playful. Last year she partied in red jumpsuit and got lots of compliments. One thing that she definitely will wear is a bunch of glitter!




KUVAT: Juuli Rönkä


Mette M. on eräs supermyyjistämme. Hän on myynyt kymmeniä tuotteita Zadaassa ja lupasi jakaa parhaat vinkkinsä. Mette kertoo lisäävänsä usein tuotteensa myyntiin keskiviikkona tai torstaina. Tuotteet ovat menneet hyvin kaupaksi melkein heti. Mette vinkkaa, että arkena myynti sujuu paremmin, kun lisää tuotteet kello 17 aikaan. Viikonloppuna ajalla ei ole niin väliä. Parhaimmillaan Metten lisäämä tuote on myyty 15 minuutin sisällä lisäämisestä.

Jos Metten tuotteisiin on tullut kommentteja, hän koettaa reagoida heti. Jos joku kyselee esimerkiksi mittoja ja hän ei ole tuotteen lähettyvillä, hän kertoo milloin kysyjä saa tarvitsemansa tiedot mieluummin kuin jättää vastaamatta. Jos kommentteja ei huomioi, voi menettää kaupan todennäköisemmin. Metteä itseään ostajana harmittaa, jos myyjä ei vastaa mitään.

Suomessa myydään Metten mielestä hyvin tiettyjen brändien tuotteita, mutta hän on saanut paljon kivoja kommentteja siitä, että on jaksanut ottaa kunnon kuvat tuotteista eikä vaan ripustanut henkarille kuvattavaksi. Myös brändi on vahva tekijä, kertoo Mette ja jatkaa, että esimerkiksi Levi’s-merkin farkut ovat menneet kaikki melkein heti kaupaksi. Mette vinkkaa, että stailaamistakin kannattaa kokeilla eikä biletoppia kannata kuvata löysien verkkareiden kanssa. Yksityiskohdilla on siis väliä.

Zadaan parhaaksi puoleksi Mette kertoo sovelluksen helppouden ja turvallisuuden.

Metten kommentti: “Olen käyttänyt Zadaata lokakuusta asti ja heti alusta alkaen saanut tosi hyvin myynnin liikkeelle ja tehnyt myös itse huikeita löytöjä!

UNCLOTHED: Laura Tønder’s wardrobe

Laura Tønder aka Couturekulten is a danish fashion designer and blogger. Laura is known for her amazing street styles, for which she has featured in some of the biggest fashion magazines worldwide. We visited Laura’s apartment in Copenhagen, and got to talk all things fashion and even caught a glimpse of her gorgeous wardrobe.  

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

I’m Laura, a start twenties Copenhagener, born and raised. I try to involve myself with fashion as much as I possibly can, both when working as a fashion designer for the Danish brand Munthe and when keeping up with my blog and Instagram.

Could you describe your own fashion style briefly?

I’m very colorful, playful and experimental. I love wearing prints and interesting materials. I’m a ‘never say never’ kind of person, and I believe in trying out new trends as often as I can.

Why did you decide to start blogging?

I was intrigued by the thought of connecting globally with like-minded stylish girls, sharing inspiration and getting some new ideas. I then discovered it could also become a platform for me to connect and network.

How would you describe your blog in a few words?

Aesthetically pleasing with a lot of colors.

As a fashion designer and a blogger, what do you think makes Denmark so fashionable?

I think our way of living shows in our style, we love practical and comfort, sneakers and jeans, but we also like to show and develop our personality, so to make ones style personal is of very high priority.

What are your favorite trends that are emerging now in Denmark?

Print mixing, people finally seem to adopt it and it makes the streets look so much color with all the colors, like a kind of colorful distortion to an often so grey sky.

Do you have any favorite fashion and street style bloggers, and if so why them?

I love thenativefox, she is so sassy and stylish. And her way of photographing is on point.

Lastly, you are very known for you amazing street styles, and we’d love to hear your tips for putting together an amazing outfit?

Try something new every time you a wear favorite piece. We always have a favorite pair of jeans, shirt or shoes. Make a promise to yourself that you never wear it with the same stuff, in that way you are forced to try out new combinations and don’t get stuck in “your usual uniform”.

It’s evident that Laura Tønder has a great love for fashion and vintage, and in her boutique you can find amazing pieces from Miu Miu, Giuseppe Zanotti and Graumann right now.

You can find Laura Tønder’s boutique now LIVE in Discover!

Photos taken by Sienna Rousseau

UNCLOTHED: Ida Christine’s wardrobe

Meet Ida Christine Starck, a rising youtuber from Finland. She opened her own boutique in Zadaa today. We met her in sunny Tapiola and collected style tips and interesting stories about the clothes she is selling. Read the stories behind her fashion pieces and get to know Ida Christine a little better. You can find most of the clothes and accessory seen in these pictures in Zadaa.

Ida’s style tip!

For this spring one should buy something checkered. If not a whole suit, then atleast pants. And if that’s not wild enough, mixing prints is always worth trying.

Ida’s vintage love!

When Ida goes shopping, she starts her day in vintage stores. Flea markets are her weak spot and she loves to shop there. Ida has found great things pre-loved. For example dotted, mesh dress from R/H.

Ida’s shoe problem!

In Ida’s boutique there are multiple pairs of shoes. Ida was thinking her shoe size is 38 and bought beautiful shoes for herself without trying them on just to find out they were too small. Her favourite shoes are Converses. She’s selling her black ones, but she’ll love her other pair until the end.

Ida’s power clothing!

If Ida was a piece of clothing she would be a biker leather jacket. Timeless, fierce and confident just like her. “And worth investing!” she adds and laughs. Leather happens to be her favourite material, so her answer doesn’t surprise me.


KUVAT: Juuli Rönkä


Name: Mona Visuri
Age: 30
Blog: monasdailystyle.com
Style: classic, feminine, sporty


Before her pregnancy Mona Visuri loved to use high heels and let her long hair down. Now her life is all about little baby boy, mom bun and comfy shoes. When pregnant she wore a lot of dresses and she recommends that for other moms too.

Mona thinks it’s not necessary to buy maternity clothes when one can just buy regular clothes, but pick a bigger size and good model for the baby bump. Mona herself bought only a couple of pairs of maternity jeans. She is now selling those in Zadaa.


When Mona’s baby was born her style got even more comfortable than before. Nowadays she cares more about materials. Mona dresses her son into classic, light style. She also loves to pamper him with little clothes with some stripes on those. Sometimes Mona and her son even wear matching outfits.


Mona’s best tip for a new mom is to take also care of herself. It doesn’t have to be anything massive. Just a little cover under the eyes, a splash of lipgloss and mascara is enough. An outfit crisis can be defeated with stretchy jeans and soft knit.




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