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London Calling – Get to know Amanda London

Tell us a little about yourself and what made you become an influencer?

I am a 19 year old girl from Roskilde, who has always had a special interest in fashion. Fashion for me means a lot and is very therapeutic in many situations. When I write on my blog, I can totally relax and this is an important thing as I live in a very stressful everyday life. What made me start my blog was probably that I felt I needed to share my thoughts and feelings on so many things, so the blog was, of course, the best option.

How would you like to best describe your influencer career to someone else?

Hmm .. Good question. My job largely entails that I sometimes do collaborations or receive things from companies or stores to promote.

How does a typical day look like you?

I usually go out and drink coffee with my girlfriends or spend time with my boyfriend. When I get home, I work on my blog, Instagram and the campaigns I’m working on. I sometimes also go to Copenhagen for meeting and visits at my agency.

What is a surprising part about your job, which you think others do not know about?

Many of my girlfriends, but also my parents and my boyfriend, think that you do not have to spend much time on the various collaborations and campaigns that I do, but that’s completely wrong. It takes a really long time and a lot of effort to create good content!

Where do you get your greatest fashion inspiration (fashion magazines, social media, street scene) and why right there?

Primary social media, but also sometimes the street styles. Throughout the day I spend a lot of time “exploring” Instagram, so it’s impossible not to get some kind of inspiration.


What are your biggest tips for putting together a perfect outfit?

First of all,  it has to be something that is comfortable to wear. The colors should also blend together of course. An outfit that will always go is for example a nice shirt in a nice color, a cool pair of jeans, and last but not least, some nice boots.

Are there any trends you currently love? And some you hate?

Hmm .. I love the trend of bootcut / flare jeans, since I’m very short, haha ​​- I’m 158 cm, and these jeans just make me a bit taller.


Photos taken by Sienna Rousseau