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Love is in the air! At least when it comes to Camilla Czakan and her romantic style. We wanted to know all about ruffles, floral patterns and fun dresses, so here we are sharing Camilla’s best clothing, jewelry and make up tips to you. Take notes and shop her fashion in Zadaa app today. You can buy everything you see in this article!

What are the wardrobe essentials when creating a romantic style?

Dresses and skirts, feminine blazers and of course classic silk blouses. The most important things is to find quality clothes that fit.

With what clothes can you create contrasts?

A ruff, leather biker jacket always looks good with a dress or a skirt. That combination is timeless and works every time. When you want to dress down your romantic style and make it more casual, it’s a good idea to wear neat sneakers instead of ballerinas or high heels.

What kind of colour palette would suit romantic style?

When the basic colour palette is neutral and including colours like beige, white and grey, it’s easier to combine clothes with each other. Bolder colours, like bright red, can be used in accessory and make up. Any shade of red (burgundy, peach, magenta etc.) fits the romantic colour palette, that’s a good rule to remember.


How to complete romantic style?

Putting on some jewelry is the easiest way to complete your outfit. A pretty pair of earrings can make your look more interesting in a second. At the moment any kids of fringe earrings are super trendy and playful. When doing your make up try to add some pink and peachy shades, those are perfect for the romantic style.

What are the most romantic brands?

For example Rue de Femme from Denmark makes very beautiful clothes. When shopping it’s good to focus on your colour palette and choose beautifully fitting materials.

Who to follow for outfit inspiration?

Romantic and classy Olivia Palermo puts together some fabulous outfits. She is a real talent when it comes to combining clothes and accessories. She is always trendy, but still somehow timeless.


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