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When it comes to those timeless wardrobes Carita Alfthan sure knows how to build one. In her blog Char and the City she helps her followers to find the best places to shop. She is sharing her style tips, classic outfits and also a lot of inspiring interior content to her audience and that’s why we picked her as our business style ambassador for this interview. So sit back and get ready to build your perfect wardrobe with Carita Alfthan.

What are the main elements of the perfect business wardrobe?

Business style is not just stiff pantsuits, but a smart lifestyle with a timeless wardrobe. With a capsule wardrobe full of timeless classics it’s easy to go from work to a fancy dinner. Just a quick accessory update and you’re ready to go. Business style means that your wardrobe is contiguous and functional. What ever you choose to wear from it, you’ll always be stylish.

Which are the best designer brands when shopping classic items? What about cheaper brands?

Classic scandinavian brands like By Malene Birger, Tiger of Sweden and Filippa K sell timeless pieces with great quality. Boss is another brand to keep an eye on. When it comes to feminine party dresses By Malina and Maje are good to know. With smaller budget Zara and Other Stories are great places to find some real treasures.

What is the perfect colour palette for a business style?

Let’s start with black and white. Bring those basic colour alive with a hint of classic red, beige or grey. Accessories are a good way to add some colour when your outfit is all about basics. In the perfect capsule wardrobe shoes, handbags and scarfs can change the look in a second. The fastest way to change your office look for the night is to get your heels on, change the bag to a smaller one and your scarf to a silk version. Voilà!

What could be a good motto for someone who loves to wear timeless outfits?

“Less is more.” As boring as it may sound, just think about how fabulous a pair of perfectly fitting jeans and a white t-shirt can look together!

What kind of jewelry fits business style?

Classics love classics! Carita’s secret (well, not that secret anymore) combination on her wrist is Hermés Clic H bracelet, white gold diamond ring ja Tiffany’s Twist Knot necklace. Pearl earrings and vintage jewelry make your style finished. Holiday trips are good times to buy jewelry, if the goal is to find something a bit different.

How often should people update their wardrobe so they wouldn’t get bored?

Instead of updating your wardrobe, focus on building it. One great goal is to know your style so completely that you don’t have to buy new things all the time. Build a good base first. After that it can be spiced up with trendy, affordable accessories. If the little black dress is still missing or you just can’t find the perfect trench coat, start with hunting them. After that it’s time to get the details right.

How many pairs of shoes is a good minimum to have?

Five pairs should be enough. Invest in pair of comfortable ballerinas, heels, sandals, rubber boots and sneakers. The quality and materials of your everyday shoes are important. If Louboutin doesn’t fit, try Pura Lopez. Find the perfect fit for your feet!

Who is your style idol?

Carita follows icons like Jackie O. Also Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and princess Victoria in Sweden have great sense of style. The list of business style icons wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Olivia Palermo.


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