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Name: Johanna Turpeinen
Age: 24
Style: classic, clear & feminine

About her wardrobe.

I like to invest in timeless classics (wool coats, cashmere scarves, neutral tones, basic knits etc.) and buy trendy pieces from stores like Zara, Mango, Gina Tricot etc.

About her favourite brands.

 I’m actually not that brand oriented, I just tend to buy things that I like. I have favorites for example from Zara, Gucci, Gina Tricot, Michael Kors and Balmuir – so basically I can go with chains, high end brands and everything in between.

About offline vs. online shopping.

I always want to try everything on, so I’m definitely not the best kind of online shopper. Unless I really want something that I can’t find from stores – then I usually try Zalando at first. Otherwise like I mentioned, trendy things from chain stores and classics for example from Stockmann Helsinki!

About shopping tips.

Buy the things your heart and mind (both!) wants and avoid impulse purchases. Shop sales from the internet (this is where I’m an online shopper, it gets too intense and messy in the stores) and always try to find pieces that fits you well. It’s not about fitting into something – take the one that actually looks good on you. (Learned from the hard way, I remember the day when I always took the size XS because it was ”my size”, even though S would’ve been better in some particular piece of clothing…)

About spring fashion 2018.

Cat eye sunnies are definitely my jam, but maybe not the thinnest ones. Medium sized cat eyes, please! Dad sneakers are on my no no list this spring.

About shopping pre-loved fashion.

I don’t like strolling around in clothing stores in general. I go to see/find something if I know what I want, but that’s not really working with flea markets. Which is why I’m really excited about Zadaa, cause it’s literally right here all the time!

About her Zadaa boutique.

A lot of jackets! Shirts, shoes, knits, dresses – everything, really. The finest pieces from my flea market bag, I’d say!


mini skirt / MAXI SKIRT

leather / LACE

HOLIDAY / home

AUTUMN / spring

LIGHT / dark

DOGS / cats

The fashion boutique of Johanna Turpeinen is now live in Discover! Download Zadaa app HERE.