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Janina Havia is a blogger (elahblog) who knows how to be chic in the city. Her girly but comfortable style is very easy to relate to. The reason why we at the Zadaa office are following this woman is quite easy to figure out. Janina knows exactly how to make an everyday outfit look exclusive and chic. That’s why we want to learn everything from her!

Janina’s style tip for summer 2018?

Fluttering floral skirts are ‘the thing’ this summer. Wear it with a light top at days and with a warm knit at nights. For example this colour in Janina’s own skirt is very trendy this summer.

How to stay stylish when it’s super hot outside?

A lightweight summer dress and a bottle of water are must-haves when it’s really hot outside! By drinking water it’s easier to stay and feel fresh. Add a hat to cover your head and to look even more chic.

Want to hear a story about Janina’s floral blouse?

When Janina was living in two different countries she spent a lot time in airports. She remembers that multiple times she was wearing this distinct floral blouse. Now it’s time to find a new home for it.

If Janina was a piece of clothing…

… she would be a pure white summer dress without a doubt. It’s the one piece of clothing she feels the most beautiful in, she tells.

Janina’s festival style 2018?

City festivals like DBTL in Turku are Janina’s thing! This summer her festival outfit will be all about stylish summer dresses and white leather sneakers by Adidas.

Janina Havia’s boutique is now live in Discover!