Monthly Archives: April 2016

How does buying work in Zadaa?

Buying in Zadaa is easy and safe. First, you choose if you want to meet with the seller (check the pickup location) or have the item shipped to you. Then you pay with your card and a private chat is opened between you and the seller. You can discuss when to meet or if the […]

Tips for selling more in Zadaa

One of our best sellers, Laura, wanted to give you 4 golden tips for selling more in Zadaa: 1) Pickup spots Add a couple of known pickup spots to your products, such as a central part of your city or another central place. 2) Shipping Over half of the purchases in Zadaa are made with shipping. […]

Zadaa’s TV ad will appear next week

We were filming our first tv ad last weekend, it was a great day with fun and excitement. We had Lähiömutsi -blogger Hanne Valtari and five other women as our models for the day. You can read more about the filming session in Lähiömutsi’s blog, click here. Stay tuned to Sub and AVA next week […]