Linda Ekroth X Zadaa

Linda Ekroth is a blogger and vlogger from Finland. Check out the video she filmed for us. This is how easy it is to get rid of your old clothes! Remember to read Linda’s thoughts about blogging/vlogging under the video. ♥

When I shoot my clients, I always want to get to know them a bit before I put them in front of the camera. It is very important to make the situation fun and relaxed, so that the pictures can turn out great. I try to talk a lot when I shoot, and guidance the model.  I also tell a lot of jokes and laugh, if I want to model to laugh. Even professionals do need some help to get a natural big smile sometimes. I also show the pictures to the model so that he/she will see how great they are, and will gain confidence in that way.

I would say that the outfit and styling has a big role. If the model does not feel good looking in the style, it can be hard to even find good poses that will bring the outfit to it’s full potential. I have done some shoots when I have just felt like a clown, and it effects the result. But sometimes you just have to trust the vision of the photographer/stylist, because some outfits can look hideous in real life, but with right lighting, angles and editing it can look stunning.
I started to make videos on Youtube about one year ago. But I have always been interested in videography and have done shortfalls from my vacations, and planned some short movies that I filmed with my friends when I was 10 years old. I remember filming ”youtube” videos in my room with a old videocamera already when I was 13/14. I liked to film make-up tutorials which I then edited with Windows movie maker. I have a disorder that makes it very hard for me to concentrate for a long period of time, but when I edited, I could do it for hours and not get bored. I never published these videos, but I’m glad I finally got the courage after 6 years to make this dream of mine become true.
Sometimes I enjoy making videos more than taking pictures. For example I have not been updating my blog properly for 8 moths, since I just had more motivation to do videos. Now again I have fallen in love again with still photography, and would say that is os more fun to shoot that film. But I like doing both, otherwise I would not put so much time and effort to update both channels 😀
Usually I don’t mind being open and honest to my followers. I have not noticed any negative effect of it, yet. I still want to protect my family and keep for example my relationship privet, so that’s why I do not talk about or show my family members on my channel. But it is hard to find the balance, since people easily start thinking that you are selfish and superficial if you don’t share any problems you have in your life. It seems like people do not understand that everyone has their own struggles, especially if you choose to show just the nice side of your life in social media. So some personal things I share, and some I keep to myself.
I am actually pretty bad coping with negative comments. I do not get offended by comments like’’ your ugly’’, but if I hear that many people are together talking bad about me or my content, it can upset me. I am aware that you can’t please everybody, but it frustrates me when I try my best to make super good content, to not say any stupid thing and to share positivity myself, and still get negativity back. Some comments do get stuck in my head, and when I film I might think about it and change the way I behave because of it. This is a stupid example. I got a lot of criticism that I talk to my dog with a annoying high-pitched voice, so now a days I have noticed that I do not film anymore when I talk to my dog.
The reason why I still keep going, even though I receive negative comments pretty frequently is because of all the kind people that send me long meaningful messages. The fact that my videos are the highlight of some peoples day is incredible. The fact that I can and have been helping so many people, by talking about important topics is fantastic. I appreciate so much all of my followers who really believe in me and have been helping me along this journey. My followers feel like a small family to me, and I also have gotten to know a few of them since we talk much by direct messages.

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