4 tips to sell fast in Zadaa!

Selling your clothes in Zadaa is easy, but you can even do it better! With these tips you have a chance to become a super seller. Just give it a try!

    Did you know that over 95% of the purchases in Zadaa are made with our insured standard shipping? Consider adding that as an option when adding items for sale.
    Take a picture of you wearing the item you are selling. Remember to upload four pictures. One from the front, one from the back, one of the detail and one of you wearing the item. You can use a mirror!
    Most of the questions for Zadaa sellers are about measurements and details.  Write a good description, this helps the buyer a lot. Remember to answer every question you get.
    If your items are not sold, consider lowering the price even a little. Even a tiny discount might make a huge difference. Everyone who comments on your product gets a notification when you lower the price. Consider matching the price suggestions you get.

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