Zadaa’s treasure hunt week is here! Solve our riddles and win 200€ shopping credits.

Hunting treasures is exciting! Do you remember that shirt that was immediately sold out after it appeared in the webstore of your favorite brand? Or those limited edition sneakers you wanted so bad, but they didn’t have your size in the store anymore? Those kinds of treasures you can hunt in Zadaa app!

We want to teach you how to find what you are looking for. In our search field there are multiple filters, we created them to help YOU. You can pick a colour, choose a material, narrow a price range and even decide from what country you want to make your secondhand treasure purchase. Besides that we have our brand filter, that helps you even more! Would you like to try your filtering skills and win some shopping credits? You can do it during our treasure hunt week!

Start the hunt:

Go to the Showroom. Just open the app, tap the Z icon, open the treasure hunt banner and solve the first riddle! After you have solved all the riddles and found the treasure in Zadaa you have a change to win Zadaa shopping credits. Among everyone who solves the riddle and finds the treasure, we will raffle multiple packages of shopping credits. The main price is 200 euros worth shopping credits. What are you waiting for?

Go to the Showroom and solve the first riddle!

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