Zadaa’s most popular sustainable brands in 2020

The good news is, secondhand shopping is already a sustainable act itself. Whatever you buy preloved ensures you, that there wasn’t a single gallon of water being used for producing a brand new product. The better news is, you can now even level up your sustainable online shopping. Did you know that Zadaa offers a great selection of popular sustainable brands, too? Well, now you do.

Here are the most popular sustainable brands in 2020:

All of these brands follow a mission to contribute to a sustainable future in regards to fashion. Patagonia for example offers customers to repair products when those are broken instead of motivating customers to buy new items of new collections. The brand also cooperates with the Fair Trade Certified™-Label, that supports fabric workers for manufacturing under fair conditions while monitoring everyone’s state of health and well-being. Another example is the shoe maker Veja who focuses on producing shoes made of vegan materials instead of leather.

If you have not purchased one of these brands yet, give it a try. Your new year’s resolution of living more sustainably will be more than fulfilled!

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