Zadaa Selling Tips that actually work!

Follow these tips and watch your sales go through the roof:

1. How to get started the right way: We know you probably don’t wear a lot of the things in your closet, so sort through the items you want to sell and make sure that they are clean and in good condition. Then write down the size, brand, material and what price you want to list the items for. A good camera is a plus but not a necessity. Your smartphone will also make do. Another good tip is to steam or iron your items beforehand to make them look better.

2. Let the sunshine in: Daylight makes your clothes, shoes and accessories look most natural. So it’s best to look for a brightly colored wall in your apartment or outdoors. Don’t use a flash and avoid harsh sunlight. Keep it simple and always remember that less is more. A plain background is very important, so that the item is the center of attention. Also, be consistent with the exposure of your images to avoid your boutique looking like a mess.

3. Put on a fashion show: Remember, that the first impression is the best impression. Your first photo can make or break your sales chances. That is why it is best if you wear your item! Model pictures increase the chance that your clothes will be sold by 50%. Model the clothes and avoid photographing them on hangers or on the floor.

It’s best to get a friend to take the pictures of you or use the self-timer on your camera or phone. Try different poses to make your clothes stand out. Take a page out of Tyra Banks’ modelling book and remember that a little twist, a slightly bent leg or a hand on the hip can do wonders for you.

Place items like bags, shoes or jewellery in Instagram worthy setups and add decorations like plants, vases or books in the background to make them look cooler. And remember it’s not just turkeys that need stuffing, in order to give the items the right shape, they should always be stuffed with e.g. paper.

4. Show us what you got: Do like Kim K and become your own paparazzi. Snap photos of the front, back, details and errors of the items. When selling luxury items, it is good if you take a photo of the brand label, a certificate of authenticity and ideally also a dust bag.

5. When in doubt edit away: Take a little time to edit your pictures, but only edit brightness, shadows, contrast, and color. You can use free apps such as Adobe Lightroom. Keep it natural and don’t use filters. It’s always nice to see a smiling face, but it is also possible to use the cropping feature to hide it.

6. Don’t fake it: No one likes a catfish! Please always use your own pictures. Do not use screenshots or images from the internet as it is not allowed in the app.

7. Never waste time you can spend on Netflix: Don’t worry! A few tricks can save you a lot of time. First of all, your list from the first step will help you. Secondly and most importantly, do everything at once, so you don’t have to repeatedly interrupt the process.

8. You can always copy someone else’s homework: If you are still unsure what a great boutique looks like, take a look at some of our supersellers in the app. We have put together a few examples for you.

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