We are proud to wear secondhand!


Perhaps you have already wondered what this hashtag is about, which you have seen at our influencers and on our channels.

Now is the time to unravel the mystery! #altistdasneueneu is on the one hand the claim of our big Zadaa fall campaign. On the other hand, no less than what Zadaa stands for.

Together with the model and fair fashion lover Marie Nasemann, TikTok star Tina Neumann and the Berlin DJ duo Alyssa Cordes and Gia Haupt, we consolidate what defines Zadaa. And the best part is, you can even shop the styles of our Talents on Zadaa in the next few weeks!

Buying the old and reviving it, is much better than the new! Why? Well, because we can shop so much more sustainably. We don’t have to resort to fast fashion and we can offer clothing items a longer life. In general, aren’t unique vintage items cooler than what everyone else is wearing anyway?

We oppose a fashion industry that produces in abundance and we want to rethink it. Not only do we want to offer a platform in which you can connect your wardrobe to buy and sell secondhand goods more easily than ever, but we also want to give sustainable shopping a voice. Accompany this mission by following our posts and consider the next time that you shop whether your desired item is also available on Zadaa.

Over the next few days and weeks we will share information with you about why Marie, Tina, Gia and Alyssa like to buy secondhand goods, where they get their style inspiration and how they style their favorite vintage pieces. Look forward to the style advice of the It-Girls and soon buy their clothes in their Zadaa boutiques. We will announce when their boutiques will open via our channels.

Stay tuned! #altistdasneueneu

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