UNCLOTHED: Ilta’s wardrobe

Want to know how to get chills like never before? Go to Cheek’s show and listen how Ilta sounds like when she feats in the song Sillat while playing piano at the same time. The live version will blow your mind – but so will her style! This girl’s playful style goes hand in hand with her wide smile and sparkling personality.

Ilta’s wardrobe essentials

Some people might think that wardrobe essentials can only be things like a white blouse and black pants. Well, they haven’t meet Ilta. Her everyday style is all about relaxed, ripped jeans and oversized hoodie. That’s a good base for any outfit.

Ilta’s craziest piece of clothing

The one coat she will never get rid of is the one she has got from her relative. Nobody can tell is it super cool or just horrible, but the coat with wild colours stays in the closet.

Ilta’s famous college outfit

As we told this sparkly singer is feating in Cheek’s Alpha Omega tour and this floral outfit has been traveling with her. She has also been wearing it in Berlin and in a summer cottage. When she was wearing this fo the first time, her friend told her this outfit looked like a curtain, but she still wore it with love. Now it’s time to find a new home for this floral explosion.

Ilta’s power colour

At the moment yellow colour is the one this girl feels the most connected with. Yellow is the colour of energy, so this totally makes sense. Ilta believes we all have that one colour we feel confident in, but it varies during seasons.

Ilta’s style tips

Put those bright colour together! For example pink and yellow or green and yellow work nicely together. Leggings in different materials and colours can be combined with almost any outfit. If you happen to love relaxed, ripped jeans, try to wear them with a long t-shirt or a hoodie. Choose you shoes wisely, if you have to catch the train. It’s about getting comfortable before anything else.

Ilta’s favourite shops

She admires the style of Meri Milash (@merimilash) and loves the brand Adidas. When it’s time to go shopping, she visits Monki and Zara. Besides those she likes Junkyard and flea markets. Her secret tactique to find something nice for herseld is to pick something amazing from her friend’s closet and rationalize why she should have it (or actually buy it, to be fair). We like that style! 😀


KUVAT: Juuli Rönkä

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