UNCLOTHED: Ilona Ylikorpi’s wardrobe

Ilona Ylikorpi is one of the most followed girls in Finland. She has a YouTube channel with over 100.000 subscribers. Almost every young girl knows who she is. Social media is her job, so we are talking about a real #BOSSGIRL. Or just #BOSS, since she beats many men too with her amazing career. How many people can tell that they get their living out of doing what their passion is?
We met Ilona and uploaded her fashion into Zadaa while we asked her some questions about her style. Now anyone can explore her wardrobe and buy clothes also seen on her vlogs. In her life Ilona focuses on positive things and we think that can be seen also in her style.

Ilona’s style tips for summer 2018!

Light and white colours with some neutral tones are warming Ilona’s heart this summer. Those are always in style.

Ilona’s all time favourite knitwear!
One of Ilona’s all time favourite clothing is the grey knit. She bought it from Miami and it’s part of the Kendall & Kylie Collection. She was wearing the knit a lot, it looks great with basic jeans or even more relaxed pants.
Ilona’s life as a piece of garment!
If Ilona was a piece of garment, she would be a relaxed, white linen dress. She describes herself as ‘a go with the flow girl’ who loves dresses. It’s a pity those can’t be worn in Finland through the whole year.
Ilona’s festival style 2018!
Ilona does not usually wear colourful clothes, but when the festival season kicks off, she likes to wear something playful. Last year she partied in red jumpsuit and got lots of compliments. One thing that she definitely will wear is a bunch of glitter!
KUVAT: Juuli Rönkä

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