UNCLOTHED: Ilirida Krasniqi’s wardrobe

Ilirida Krasniqi is the epitome of a young, successful and hardworking woman. A dentist student and Zumba instructor by day and fashion influencer by night, this young woman spends most of her time working hard. She looks, travels and dresses just like a supermodel, and on her popular blog and Instagram profile you can catch her super cool fashion, while also following her on her trips around the world.

Ilirida’s style can only be described as a cool minimalist approach to luxury fashion, but with a twist of streetwear vibe. A style that has earned her a huge following not only in Denmark, but also a growing fan base internationally. We wanted to get to know Ilirida better, so we sat down to interview her about blogging, style and much more.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

My name is Ilirida, which is originally a Kosovo-Albanian name. However, I was born and raised in Denmark. I live in Copenhagen where I study and work.

Could you describe your own fashion style briefly?

My style is very classic and feminine.

Why did you decide to start blogging?

I loved taking pictures back in high school and as social media grew bigger, it was just an obvious step to take. Starting a blog meant I could share my photos and my style with others.

How would you describe your blog in a few words?

A very classic inspired blog.

As a blogger and fashion-knower, what do you think makes Danes so fashionable?

I wouldn’t say my own style is not very Danish, but I certainly think that the minimal Danish style makes a big impression internationally.

What are your favorite trends that are emerging right now?

I love statement earrings and a nice pair of strapless heels.

Do you have any favorite fashion bloggers, and if so why them?

I’m inspired by a lot of people. Looks wise I’ve always been inspired by Negin Mirsalehi. Style wise, there is not one specific, but MANY that inspires me.

Lastly, you are very known for your amazing style, and we’d love to hear your tips for putting together an amazing outfit?

The most important thing is to wear something that you feel comfortable in and then that just looks good. Personally, I think jewellery can do so much for an outfit. The small details really make an outfit interesting. Colored nails and lips, a pair of statement earrings and sunglasses can really get an outfit spiced up.


Photos taken by Sienna Rousseau

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