The Zadaa Christmas Calendar

What a year it has been! We can all probably agree that the last couple of months have been difficult. These times ask a lot from each and every one of us. So more than ever we feel the urge in celebrating the beautiful and heartwarming Season of Giving with you. 🌟

We at Zadaa have decided to create a little Christmas Calendar for you. We want to say thank you for being part of our secondhand community! Thank you for giving us your loyalty, your beautiful secondhand treasures and insightful feedback every day. But most importantly thank you for keeping your heads up in these difficult times – this is so brave!

Now let us give something back to you. From today on there will be something given each day. Let yourself be surprised what’s hidden behind these calendar doors! Whatever it may be – we deeply hope it will enlighten Christmas time with your loved ones.

Simply check our showroom each day until Christmas Eve to find out what’s in! πŸŽ„

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