The story of the secondhand wedding dress

Every now and then someone will tag us in Instagram showcasing an outfit they’ve shopped in Zadaa. Sometimes the story behind the purchase is a bit extraordinary and almost fairytale-like. Like wearing secondhand on one of the most important days of your life. Your wedding day. This is a trend we’ve noticed has become increasingly more and more popular… And we love it!

One of the many who decided to wear a beautiful secondhand wedding dress instead of a brand new one is our loyal user Laura. We asked her some questions about her dress and sustainability. That is after all the main theme this week!

Who are you and what do you do for a living?

I’m Laura, and I’m a teacher.

What do you do, personally, in order to live sustainably?

I try to live a low-waste lifestyle. That means I use and mend what I already have instead of buying new, I recycle, and am in the process of switching disposable products into reusable ones. And of course I aim to shop second hand before heading to retail.

What is your personal sustainability goal for 2021?

I try to not buy any new clothes in 2021, with the exception of underwear. I also want to start making clothes from recycled materials.

How do you combine (clothes) shopping and sustainability?

I love clothes, for me it’s a way of expressing myself. I also love thrifting and second hand shopping online, so I don’t feel I need to buy anything new.

How does Zadaa contribute to your sustainable way of living?

I love the way Zadaa makes secondhand shopping easy for the buyer and seller. When I want to find something specific, it can take some time to find it from the thrift stores, but using the Zadaa app allows me to search for specific items and thus not give in to the temptation of just buying it new.

How do you imagine shopping in 2030?

I expect the secondhand market to grow drastically. I also expect that the demand for sustainability and ethical practices from big retail stores increases as consumers’ awareness grows.

If you had one wish in regards to sustainability, what would you wish for?

I wish that people would stop treating stuff as disposable, and start valuing everything that’s been manufactured.

How did you end up buying a vintage secondhand dress?

I knew from the start I wanted a secondhand wedding dress because I knew there are plenty to choose from and no need to make a new one. To be honest I didn’t expect to find one from Zadaa but I came across it by accident and knew it was a jackpot.

Was it expensive?

The dress cost me 15€, including shipping!

What happens/happened to the dress after your beautiful wedding? Did you or are you going to sell it to the next lucky bride?

I’m a total hoarder, so I’m saving it as a memory of our special day.

We want to thank Laura for sharing her special day and this amazing story with us. You can follow Laura in Instagram: @thrifted_bylaura

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