The exclusive interview with Marie Nasemann and Zadaa.

It’s time for another big announcement! The boutique of model and actress Marie Nasemann is finally online on Zadaa. From now on you can shop for clean cuts and colorful pieces there.

And that’s not it! Marie told us in an interview what secondhand fashion means to her while also revealing her personal favorite style advice.

We believe there are several reasons why Marie and Zadaa are a great match! One of them is that the model has been running her own blog for four years and writing about a sustainable lifestyle. The fair use of clothing is also important to her! Just like it is to us!

Within our interview we also talked about sustainability. We both observed that there are more and more fashion brands value ecological production and therefore can be as sustainable as secondhand fashion. This definitely indicates a positive trend. However, we agree with Marie, who says: “Secondhand is a great way to dress very pretty and sustainably. (…) There are now many sustainable and fair brands, but not that many that produce very fashionable items.”

Fashionable items are important to Marie. She told us about the time she was 20 years old and living in Paris. Over there she discovered her passion for clothes from the 70’s and 80’s. Most of the clothes that go with this style were only available in the famous vintage stores of Paris. Especially unique items! “If you wanted those, you simply had to go to a secondhand store”, said the model. 

In addition to sustainability, individuality in the wardrobe is another great advantage of secondhand fashion.

By the way, Marie’s favorite vintage piece is a colorful and beautifully patterned flower blouse originally from the 70’s. (Unfortunately, she’s not selling it.)

Nevertheless, you can now find many other beautiful items in Marie’s Boutique, exclusively on Zadaa.

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