The best thing about the Christmas holiday? You will NEVER guess!

Ah, finally it’s time to let loose. The Christmas holiday is about to begin. The house is clean, food is almost ready, the Christmas tree is beautiful and every family member is joining. Maybe it’s even snowing outside. Or maybe you are home alone watching all your favorite Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate without extra hassle? Anyway, the holiday we have been waiting for months is here and it’s supposed to be just like YOU want it to be.


What’s YOUR reason?

Because this holiday is every year the best time to scroll through Zadaa secondhand app, it’s also the best time to add items for sale. Did you know that there are thousands of reasons to add items in Zadaa? Maybe you need space in your wardrobe? Maybe you don’t like that leather jacket that you got when nobody remembered you’re vegan? Or maybe it’s “new year, new you” and time to sell those jogging pants away and give your favorite pair of jeans a chance again. While you are rocking your seller profile, why wouldn’t you teach your sister or cousin how to use the app too?

Wanna hear our Christmas secret?

Whatever your reason is, now is the perfect time to take your phone and add items for sale. Actually, we have a little secret for you… Guess how much more users we have online now compared to last week? 4 times more! Yes, it’s also 4 times more potential buyers. The best thing about the Christmas holiday is other people spending money on secondhand fashion. You know what to do now! Relax and let’s make some pocket money for the year the 2022.

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