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Dear Zadaa,
Please let the seller know that I was so happy to see that she added a lovely letter to the purchase I made from her. I was so happy to hear that she wore the dress I bought from her, while traveling through South America and is glad that I will now be making my own adventures and memories with the same pretty dress. Those words literally made my day!

It’s the small things in life, that make us happy. We already got many messages like this one, from happy customers. The next one could be about yours! This week, it’s all about sharing the love in our community.

Is there a better time to send some love, happiness and comfort than in the times we are living in today?! We want to cheer up our beautiful community by spreading some love and words of appreciation and gratitude and we want to encourage you to do the same! Yes, You! Thousands of Zadaa users will be writing lovely letters and shipping them with their sold items, to make some sellers very happy this week. Come join the crowd and participate in this week’s challenge!

If you are wondering about how to sell faster on Zadaa and be able to write manny manny love letters, keep on reading this article, because these tips are worth gold.

As on Instagram, the more “good content” you regularly add on Zadaa, the more visibility you get and the more visibility you get, or the more people see your content and the more people will buy your items.

1. You want to make sure to add “good content”, so beautiful clothes in a good condition, a very good lighting and well presented (white or bright background tend to work the best). You can simply hang your piece of clothes on a hanger in front of a white wall or door and take bright and sharp pictures of the item, from all suggested angles (front, back, detail, label).
2. Since there is thousands of new items coming in, you also want to make sure, that you add new items regularly, so your items keep appearing very far up in the feed and are always visible to potential buyers.
3. List your items at reasonable prices. Since the items you are selling are secondhand, even if they are in a great condition, you might want to consider setting the price at around 50% of the original purchase price.

Congratulations! Now that you know these tricks, you are ready to sell on Zadaa and ship it with love! Come join the crowd and participate in this week’s challenge!

This is how it works:

Share your love letter on Instagram. Make sure tag @zadaa_de and use the hashtag #shipwithlove. That way you automatically enter this week’s raffle. If we share your post, you win a free shipping token! You get it right after we regram your picture or story.

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