Secondhand shopping with Zadaa has reduced a remarkable amount of CO2 emissions in 2020!

Last week we proudly presented you with how much water was saved by shopping secondhand with Zadaa. And yes, we are really proud that buying and selling on Zadaa it reduced the amount of water used by the fashion industry by 1,7 billion liters.

Nevertheless, we would have never reached this number without YOU. So tap yourself on the back. YOU can be very proud of yourselves. However, that’s not the end with stunning numbers. May we present to you: 1,2 million 🎉

Oh yes! 1,2 million is the total amount of kilograms CO2 emissions was saved by the Zadaa community from shopping secondhand. According to Greenpeace, annual global emissions from textile production is equivalent to 1,2 billion tonnes of CO2. That’s! And together we are the reason why it is not another 1,2 million kilograms more. Yay!

In other words that number is comparable to the CO2 emissions of 306.600 cars driving for 1 day. It is also equal to the CO2 emissions produced by 63.145 European citizens for 1 day. Or even more crazy, it’s equivalent to 1 person taking 15.000 flights from Copenhagen to Berlin.

We couldn’t be any happier to share this information with you! Follow us on our channels and be part of the change.

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