About music, travel and style with DJ Duo ALYGIA

For Alyssa Cordes and Gia Haupt, music is a big part of their lives. The two DJs form the DJ duo... Read more »

Actress Liza Waschke’s boutique is online!

Do you fancy urban styles? Then stop by the “Berlin Tag & Nacht” star Liza Waschke's... Read more »

The exclusive interview with Marie Nasemann and Zadaa.

It’s time for another big announcement! The boutique of model and actress Marie Nasemann is... Read more »

Take part in the #altistdasneueneu lottery

Win a designer handbag and do good! Supported by our new campaign #altistdasneueneu, we are on the... Read more »

We are proud to wear secondhand!

#altistdasneueneu Perhaps you have already wondered what this hashtag is about, which you have... Read more »

This is how to find your perfect secondhand boots

First, decide the color and the budget. Our search field is here to help you! You can start... Read more »

Autumn cleaning – get free shipping!

Autumn cleaning has started! Do you want to earn FREE shipping? And maybe get rid of everything you... Read more »

Top5 colors and prints for A/W2020

Natural tones all over. This trend isn’t going anywhere soon. These monochromatic and neutral... Read more »

Free shipping from Denmark!

Yay! 🇩🇰 You made it happen! We can tell you really love Danish fashion, so this weekend you... Read more »

5 items = 1 free shipment

Summer cleaning has started! ☀️ Do you want to earn FREE shipping? And maybe get rid of... Read more »

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