Find out how much water shopping secondhand has saved in 2020 on Zadaa

If you have been following us over the last couple of weeks you will have noticed some fun facts we have shared with you. How about refreshing your memory? What has been Zadaa’s most sold brand in 2020? Exactly, Gymshark! You guys must be sporty! Let’s try another one, which sustainable brand has been most popular last year? Do you still remember? Here comes a little hint: The brand’s logo is named after one of the most beautiful and natural places on earth. Yeah, Patagonia it is!

Talking about nature, as you know it is Zadaa’s goal to turn the fashion industry into a more sustainable one. We want to see nature bright and shining, not dried out and exploited. We are proud but mostly honestly happy that our platform can contribute to the circular economy. But without YOU, this would not be possible. We may deliver the platform but YOU are the ones who create circularity and a more sustainable industry.

In order for you to understand how important each and every secondhand buyer and seller is, we’d like to present you some stunning results. Did you know that up to 92 million tonnes of waste and 79 trillion litres of water consumed per year to make garments* for all the brand new products? Then here is the total amount of how many litres has been saved by the Zadaa community from shopping secondhand.

Through buying and selling secondhand items in the category Clothes there have been 1,4 billion litres of water saved. Oh yes, you have read correctly. Billions! But that’s not all. There have also been 207 million litres of water saved through Accessoires and 121 millions through Shoes. In total you guys have contributed to a number of 1,7 billion litres of water saved on Zadaa. Let’s be proud of each other.

You guys are the change!

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*Source: Aalto University Helsinki (

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