TREND FORECAST: Best sneakers for Spring 2022

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how to live healthy

Happy & healthy in 2022? Our users share their best wellness tips!

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Linda used secondhand to figure out how to find clothes that fit perfectly!

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Become a super seller in no time

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Jenny’s tips for becoming a super seller – good deals in Zadaa since 2016!

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Sneaker collector Juliane in an interview with Zadaa

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A busy entrepreneur-mother adds products for sale on Zadaa a couple at a time – and it pays off

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The story of the secondhand wedding dress

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RosieRiver (also known as Roosa) was born and raised in Finland. She's a 27 years old streamer.... Read more »

UNCLOTHED: Ilirida Krasniqi’s wardrobe

Ilirida Krasniqi is the epitome of a young, successful and hardworking woman. A dentist student and... Read more »

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