The story of the secondhand wedding dress

Every now and then someone will tag us in Instagram showcasing an outfit they've shopped in Zadaa.... Read more »


RosieRiver (also known as Roosa) was born and raised in Finland. She's a 27 years old streamer.... Read more »

UNCLOTHED: Ilirida Krasniqi’s wardrobe

Ilirida Krasniqi is the epitome of a young, successful and hardworking woman. A dentist student and... Read more »

UNCLOTHED: Ilta’s wardrobe

Want to know how to get chills like never before? Go to Cheek's show and listen how Ilta sounds... Read more »


Meet Roosa Mononen. In her blog she writes about her life and style with beautiful pictures and... Read more »

UNCLOTHED: Ilona Ylikorpi’s wardrobe

Ilona Ylikorpi is one of the most followed girls in Finland. She has a YouTube channel with over... Read more »

UNCLOTHED: Laura Tønder’s wardrobe

Laura Tønder aka Couturekulten is a danish fashion designer and blogger. Laura is known for her... Read more »

Frederikke Thiberg’s Blue Wave of Fashion

This week we’re featuring the young influencer and designer in our Showroom. She’s selling a... Read more »

UNCLOTHED: Melanie Nørskov’s wardrobe

Melanie Nørskov is a lifestyle influencer and Instagrammer from Denmark. Melanie recently... Read more »

UNCLOTHED: Marianna Mäkelä’s wardrobe

Maybe the most famous blogger in Finland, Marianna Mäkelä, opened her own boutique in Zadaa... Read more »

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