Actress Liza Waschke’s boutique is online!

Do you fancy urban styles? Then stop by the “Berlin Tag & Nacht” star Liza Waschke's... Read more »

The exclusive interview with Marie Nasemann and Zadaa.

It’s time for another big announcement! The boutique of model and actress Marie Nasemann is... Read more »

Take part in the #altistdasneueneu lottery

Win a designer handbag and do good! Supported by our new campaign #altistdasneueneu, we are on the... Read more »

We are proud to wear secondhand!

#altistdasneueneu Perhaps you have already wondered what this hashtag is about, which you have... Read more »

Autumn cleaning – get free shipping!

Autumn cleaning has started! Do you want to earn FREE shipping? And maybe get rid of everything you... Read more »

Free shipping from Denmark!

Yay! 🇩🇰 You made it happen! We can tell you really love Danish fashion, so this weekend you... Read more »

5 items = 1 free shipment

Summer cleaning has started! ☀️ Do you want to earn FREE shipping? And maybe get rid of... Read more »

For every good love story we’ll give free shipping tokens!

Let's grow our secondhand lover community even bigger! This week we want to see your favorite Zadaa... Read more »

Are you the new Zadaa Style Guru or do you know someone who could be?

We are looking for the most stylish people on this planet! Is it you? Or is it someone you know?... Read more »

Zadaa Fashion week begins and you’re invited!

Have you ever been to a fashion week? There are super stylish people walking around and just... Read more »

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